"He's known me all those years...and, suddenly, I'm no-good just because I love the horses?"

     First, I'd like to acknowledge that "Zoo" is a beautifully made film.  The creative direction of this 'docu-film' came across as very artistic and emotive.  Even the script, while conveniently cryptic, was both poetic and confessional.  The beauty of "Zoo" is what left me feeling fucked up at the end of the movie.
     Watching this film, I felt a great deal of dissonance.  While I can not relate to zoophiles, I can relate to the characters' discoveries... The discovery that there's a name for your darkest secret... The discovery that there's a handful of people into the same thing... The discovery that wild ideas manifest into your real life... The discovery that fantasies coming true can be quite destructive.  While I could relate, to some degree, their fetish activated my gag reflex.
     I don't want to get too much into what the movie is about, and I have a feeling the director didn't either.  The hinting.  The code.  The minimalism.  I've done that before, in an attempt to manipulate an audience's perception.  In retrospect, I see that I was steered into seeing their humanity, first.

Overall, I found the movie unsettling.
But, that's why I liked it.

Has anyone else seen "Zoo"?
Any thoughts?


DAYUM said...

I haven't seen ZOO which seems very interesting but I saw Z00 (A zed and 2 Noughts) by the english director Peter Greeneway and this director should interest you a lot. Have you seen The Pillow Book ? It is for you!

Forbidden Light said...

@Dayum: I just watch "The Pillow Book" and you are so right! I absolutely love that film, its my new favorite! It's made for me!

Thank you, Christo, for that gift of a recommendation!



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