Quantum Touch: Brush II

He wants it so gentle...so soft...
I have to give it a little hard.

He wants it so smooth...so slick...
I take this opportunity to scrape and prick.

     I don't think I'm a sadist.  But, I do like the way his body alternates between relaxation and tension.  Bathing him in extravagance with sudden splashes of course boar bristles, he's so confused.  Although I'm barely touching him, he can feel that this brush is much more coarse...less flexible...cold.  He wants roses, but they also come with thorns.
     Switching brushes, one moment he's climbing the walls, the next, he's melting into my bed.  He likes it all.  Brushing the inside of his thighs with the tough brush, he got a much needed opportunity to make some noise.  Even church mice have a need to scream.  The softest men can appreciate a little edge.
     Turning him over, he points his tail upward.  Dangling.  The golden hairs on his balls are begging to be brushed.  At the slightest touch of the boar bristles, his hips jolts into the air.  He can't catch his breath.  A second swipe makes him shake uncontrollably.  After his sensual fit, he returns to his former position.  I like the way he readies himself for whatever I want to do next.

That's love.

     Dropping the brushes, my fingertips on his skin makes him melt.  Human contact.  Rubbing my palms all over him quenching his thirst for affection.  Pressing my naked body against his naked body.  Kissing him deeply.  Wrapping my arms around him.  Pinning my erection between his cheeks.  Human contact: there's nothing like it.

Photographer: Forbidden Light/Model: Angelito



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