"The King of Sorrows" by Chandra Garsson

I've acquired a sculpture
crafted by the genius hands of

     Masks have always interested me.  Masquerade Balls.  Halloween Costumes.  Bank Robberies.  A person reveals more about themselves with their selected masks, than by exposing the face given to them at birth.  A face of flesh and blood indicates where a person origin... A mask indicates where a person desires...
     When I was gifted "The King of Sorrows", it struck a chord with me.  I was deeply moved, because it had translated an unnamed aspect of my identity.  The twisted and disfigured face...  The precious and valuable tears...  This sculpture instantly became a symbol of my hidden nature and the fruit I bear.
     It is my attempt, to bear my stench, noise, ugly, pungency and pain to illustrate how beautiful the result can be.  It is also my attempt to have works of art that cries on my behalf.  Having this piece on my nightstand will be a profound reminder of this truth.  I feel charmed already.


dayum said...

Unbelievable ! Some years ago, I've bought an indonesian primitive mask in Lomboc and this mask looks like that sculpture a lot. I'll send you next week a picture of my mask.

Forbidden Light said...

@Dayum: Please Do! I can wait to see yours!



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