Why Save the Daylight?

     I am going to pay for this in the morning.  Spooning... Sucking... Kissing on his neck...  I love the traditional, woodsy scent of his cologne lifting from behind his ear.  Holding him from behind, I am embracing and impaling him.  This sweet moment has lasted well past 2 a.m.

I'm already brainstorming plausible excuses for my tardiness.

     His fingertips are performing a very subtle form of magic.  His hips, slowly winding against my lap, is taking my erection deeper within.  His naked back against my naked chest, my arms wrapped tight around his torso, fulfills me on a level so quenching.
     Melting into the evening, we blend with the resulting morning.  I was the sunrise and he was the horizon.  I tore into him like the dawn-shredded sky.  Spilling over like late-night passions into early morning appointments: damn, I'm late.

Why save the daylight?
     Let tomorrow worry about itself as we savor the final morsels of yesterday.  Let's wring the last drops of nectar from late night's sweetness.  Let's devour the skin, pits and seed of this fruit called "today" before its consumed by tomorrow.  It will never taste the same again

'Two Hearts' by Exterface

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