While being a conscious being, I am still a mystery to myself.  There are facets of my nature that language fail to describe.  Certain features will never be translate into the physical world.  My hands aren't designed to build the monuments lodged in my head.  My lips are unable to pronounce the secrets of my soul.  The more I learn about myself, the more I discover that the depth of this mystery runs deeper.

I believe this to be true for us all.

     I traveled the world, seeking a comprehensive reflection of myself.  Stressing my ears, I struggled to hear my name uttered within the noise.  Squinting my eyes, I could see something shimmering in the darkness...I hoped it was the truth.  I wanted to see my face so badly.
     I have to learned to savor this mystery.  Instead of boiling myself down to a sum, I surf on the dark waters finding freedom in its fluidity.  There is so space to create within the void.  There are so many colorful harmonies in the silence.

There is much pleasure in remaining undefined.


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