Intellectual Chronophilia

     I've been there.  I've felt the rush of having my every word hung on.  So pristine and fresh, young lips gobble up every last pearl of wisdom; never wasting a drop.  I'm excited by the undivided attention.  The new found relevance of my perspective makes me erect.  I wonder what else I can introduce to this youth?  The clean slate...the ripening cherry...the eagerness to be penetrated by the truth makes me fall in love.  There's so much I want to expose.  There's so much I want to express.  I'm going to explode...

     I've been there.  I stared into the eyes of the mature and saw my future reflection.  Hand in hand, I was guided through this minefield called "life".  The experience...the definition only time can craft...the opportunity to be fed and nurtured into manhood.  I hunger for knowledge.  I thirst for attention.  I'm yearning for the touch of my mentor's hand.

      Assuming the role of teacher or student, there is an intellectual stimulation that broadens into the erotic. Whenever I see May/December relationship, I can't help but see the appeal in the age differential.  The older party facilitates and fosters the younger party; alternatively, the cub allows himself to feasted upon. 

The most beautiful thing is alternating between the teacher and the pet 



.::STELLA*DELLA::. said...


Forbidden Light said...

Thank you *Della! You actually inspired this one! I can tell that you get turned on by knowledge and intellect.

I always wanted an erotic symposium where I could learn and teach.

Anonymous said...

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