Thought of the Day: The Blind Rave (Part III)

           Hungrily fidgeting with my belt buckle, we somehow incorporate my assistance into a dance move.  Swaying from side to side, his erection presses even harder into my backside as his fingertips dig into the elastic band of my briefs.  Judging by the way he clung to my hips; I could tell dancing wasn’t his forte.  Forfeiting any sense of rhythm, he starts to grope and disrobe my hardening nature.  Rocking to the beat, I savor the feeling of being wanted.  Throwing my arms above my head, I savor his touch sliding up and down my exposed abdomen.  Expanding up towards my chest and traveling further down until his grip wraps around the base of newly nude dick.  A couple bumps into me; I’m caught off guard as my dick goes from his warm hands into the cold air.
            Looking around, I see nothing but black shadows against darkness.  Turning to find him, my erection flaps out in the open; without his hot grip I realize I’m naked.  Struggling to cram eight inches of steel into these tiny black briefs, I’m suddenly pulled forward by jeans.  “Oh, shhh,” I gasp aloud as I take a dip in the warmth of a stranger’s mouth.  My spine stiffens, my head tilts back and my knees are on the verge of collapsing as he seamlessly slides back and forth.  Panting uncontrollably, I can’t recoup; I start to grab at the people dancing next to me.  I needed someone, something, anything for balance at this point, “Oh,” I moan over the loud, deafening techno music.  My left hand is swatted away as my right is welcomed; a woman’s touch tenderly presses my palm onto her shoulder.  On the course to orgasm she keeps my hand in place as she dances with her back towards me.  She is oblivious to the dirty thing taking place behind her.  Or was she?
            He’s rubbing it against his face, bouncing it on his tongue, the purpose of his night shines through the darkness.  On his knees before me, I feel myself being coated in his saliva.  Swirling his palms up and down, he tightens his grip at the head of my dick like a pro.  Saving my seed, I retrieve my erection from his hand and mouth.  Striking him in the face with it, I’m being a tease to keep myself from cumming.  If I bust, I would go home early.  Regaining my balance, I plunge myself one last time, hitting the back of his throat, before withdrawing completely and escaping into the shadows.
            For the rest of the night, I traveled from person to person, caressing…stroking…groping.  I can’t really explain it, but some people felt more welcoming than others.  Even in near blindness, I could detect a slight note of availability.  Occasionally, I would hear the familiar moaning and I would just stand next to them and absorb their energies.  Some were generous enough to let me participate.  One time in particular, I embrace him from behind as he was being served from the front.  His scent is what drew me to him, I spent a great while sucking on his neck while holding his dick in place.  Whoever was in front, slowly dropped and lifted an open, wet mouth over his thick, rock hard cock.  I could feel the ridges from the veins.  Deeply inhaling, I memorize his aroma just in case I bumped into him again.  Picking his pheromones apart, I smelled a citrusy woodsy cologne and oil sheen from his hair, the musk from his crotch travelled upward filling my nostrils.  I fell in love with a stranger that night; I pray that I’ll catch his scent again…
            Worn out by the fast tempo, I decided to wait by my car until my friend came out.  He’s the high strung, randy type, so he’ll probably stay until two.  Following the little reflectors, I make my way back to the corridor, of course, after bumping into several people.  Getting out of the warehouse, I’m surprised to see my friend waiting for me, “Dude, I thought I was gonna have to go back and find you.”
            I ask, “How long were you out here?”
            “I came right back out, I kept bumping into niggas and tripping over bitches!  I would’ve left but you have all of my shit locked up in your trunk!”
            “Damn, my bad, I lost you as soon as I got in.”
            My friend, pissed off, asks, “So what the hell did you do in there?  You spent about three hours in there.”
            Laughing, “The same old two step, a little bit of the tootsie roll…I had a ball!”
            Frowning at me, “At least somebody did, that was the dumbest idea ever!”

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