Power Switch

     Just beneath the surface, there is an underground business that is booming in the dark.  The wealthy and powerful attend regularly to get their fix.  Unlike the typical vices, (i.e. sex, drugs, mayhem) this scene is much darker and the exchange is much more meaningful.  There will be little gratification, but each member will walk away satisfied.  I am speaking of the dark chamber of a professional dominatrix.
     It's funny, how those in power long to become powerless as the disenfranchised can only dream of a life under control.  Authoritative figures like police officers, politicians and executive CEOs come in to be gagged, bound and denied.  Alternatively, your local librarian may be the bitch dressed in latex and leather screaming commands.  It is indeed a twisted world we live in.  Or is it?
     I earnestly believe that we all want to feel small and vulnerable.  (Unless you already are, then you would want to be superior and dominant)  We all want to be cradled in the palms of a giant(ess) and trust that (s)he doesn't squeeze too hard.  Doesn't that epitomizes 'love'?  Edge play, bondage and other BDSM symbolizes the relationships we already experience.  The only difference is: the chains are tangible, you are aware of your restrictions and you're consenting.  Love doesn't offer such luxuries! 
     There is an arousing energy within the movement from being fearless to scared shitless!  There is an intoxication that comes from being persistently denied before feeling the first touch of tenderness.  A kiss becomes a blessing, a kind word becomes worship and sexual contact is converted into an opening emotional-spiritual floodgate.  In the realm of darkness and brutality, a mere embrace becomes your mother's womb.  When you think of it that way, her chamber isn't much different than the real world outside.
     This is why linebackers long to be delicate bottoms.  This is why kings envy jesters in secret.  This is why Whitney Houston fell in love with Bobby.  Those in control of their domain wants to be dominated once in a while.  This is why I find sexuality and fetish so beautiful, it is our way of reciprocating our stress and confusion to find balance.

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