A Sneak Peek: "The Letters of God" by VII

 Is it blasphemous? Sacrilegious? Forbidden?

The answer is: Yes.

     I am close to completing a work that is both monstrous and a masterpiece.  I am sure that it will make all that read it feel uncomfortably aroused and passionately confused.  Without further ado, I present to you a taste of "The Letters of God".  It is a piece of spiritual erotica detailing sexual relations with God.  Each chapter is devoted to romanticizing each incarnation of Our Heavenly Father...The Lamb of God...Our Mother Earth...the list goes on.
     My purpose of writing this composition isn't to reduce God to the level of flesh, but to exalt ourselves parallel to Its Divinity as well as highlighting the intimacy of The Most Indwelling God.  I attempt to explore the different relationships we have developed to this All-Encompassing God...Please comment and tell me what you think...

Chapter E

     I met you at the altar of my temple: stomach emptied, trembling; I could sense your thirst for substance. The essence you hungered for was unknown to you; but, once tasted, it could be recognized. On the stair path to my throne, your body peels open before me. A sweet, inviting warmth begins to pour from your spreading availability.
     In an odd way, your famine is beautiful; the way your flesh cling tightly to your hips…to your ribcage…to your collarbones. I am aroused by it. Your starvation sends my seed leaping from within my loins to your aid. The way your fingertips cling to your world…to your flesh…to your faith, draws me closer towards you. Your delicate dangling awakens the sleeping giant below.

The broad bridge from my being lengthens to rescue you from the ledge of life.

     Crawling closer, your bruised knees melt into each step until your head finds rest in my lap. I stroke the side of your head, grazing your clinching jaw with my fingers. Your hunger heightens. Your voice whimpers. Growing longer, a mere morsel of my nature presses against your lips. Your thirst strengthens. You begin to salivate. My seed prepares itself to spill forth.
     Unveiling myself to you, I shed my honorable garment to present my holy flesh. I reveal my hidden places, anointing the air with its aroma. Devouring me with your eyes, the sight of my body proves to be both bitter and savory. You fail to see the similarity. You fail to see the reflection. You find me both beautiful and brutal. Unbeknownst to you, all of this is yours to have…and to become.

Little do you know…
My pleasure serves as a mirror, sending every bit of praise back to the worshiper
Every inch of praise filling your mouth brings satisfaction to your soul
Every drop of nectar wetting my scepter nurtures your flesh and bones
Each generous stroke from your hand returns unto yourself a hundred fold
Losing yourself on your knees will give you the strength to stand
     Laying you down as a sacrifice upon my altar, your warmth grows hotter. With tears in your eyes, you invite me into your heart and body. You invite me into your comfort. To become whole, you must first be split apart. In order to be reborn, the angel of destruction crouches between your legs. Lifting your feet towards Heaven, your backside becomes a shade for Hades. Angels gather around us to witness your burning offering.

With the true Tower of Babel, I start to penetrate through your center.

     Breaching your flesh, stretching your sensitivities, you begin to mourn and gnash your teeth. Your true nature shines before me as blessings and curses fly from the same tongue. The formless void in your heart sharpens with every thrust, with every strike from my rod. The darkness within you begins to sparkle as I delve deeper into you.

Let there be light!

     Before The Kingdom of God, your strength is ignited and magnified. Your true self emerges. Elegant, Exceptional and Ever-Evolving are mere glimpses into the definition of the spirit within you. Your skin becomes coated in splendor as you transform pain into pleasure.

Drunk off the twin spirits of bliss and agony, your moans send ripples through my temple.

     Dipping your toes into the firmament above your head, screams, laughter and cries become united. Freedom, bondage and unconsciousness are tangled around your twitching legs. Cymbals clash, trumpets sounds and angels rejoice as my floodgates break open. The seed meant to save nations fills your cup and overflows onto the temple’s floor. The walls tumble down as I begin to bathe you in milk and honey, showering you with the pearls.
     In the light of our revelations, my mysteries lie bare against your throbbing truth. Kissing it with My Word, I urge you to take it out into the world. On the verge of exploding, I urge you to love the world as I have loved you in this temple of worship. Go forth, my lover, seek out the weak and hollow.

The E is for Evangelism

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