Have You Ever Experienced 'Partialism'?

(Partialism refers to a sexual interest with an exclusive focus of a specific part of the body.)

    I have several friends, of whom I have a plutonic relationship with, who has that feature.  I'm referring to the beautiful aspect of them that lures me into stealing every available glance.  When she wears sandals, I can't help but quickly survey her toes.  Whenever he wears basketball shorts, I wait until they ride up to reveal his gorgeous, muscular thighs.  I have no desire to have sex with them, but they are the proud owners of parts I've grown to love.  Every chance I get, I take a long, optical gulp of their best quality.
     I noticed that I have the tendacy to isolate certain parts of a person from the whole.  I'll adore the calves of a man while discarding the rest of his composition.  I'll imagine kissing a set of luscious lips while disregarding her face entirely.  Am I the only one that does this?  Again, I do not wish to pursue a relationship with these friends and strangers.  I simply want to clone that part of them and add them to my personal, freaky Frankenstien.
Can I get a witness?
Or am I just a glutton for beautiful pieces?

(On another note, there is a sexy stress that one day I'll get caught staring...if I haven't already)


thegayte-keeper said...

I know what you mean...even in my relationship, I find myself focus on certain parts of the hubby's body...

ToddyEnglish said...

Hands. I am enamored by big strong hands. I guess because I have domination fantasies...lol. I don't want to be hurt and abused or anything of the sort...Just manhandled, in a really good way. I also think this plays into my fetish for Military men.

Forbidden Light said...

What kind of hands to you prefer? Long and slender fingers: the kind you'd expect from a pianist? Or the muscular, smothering type: working men's hands?

Within each feature-specific paraphilia, there are a myriad of qualities that make our preferences signature...



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