Have Anyone Heard of This?: Homeovestism

Homevestism: The arousal of a person by wearing clothing appropriate to his or her gender, in comparison with the more widely recognized practices of transvestic fetishism, in which one is aroused by wearing clothing appropriate to the opposite gender.


    When I read up on this, I was confused for a moment; how could someone have a fetish for wearing what was appropraite to begin with? Wouldn't that fall under the category of "normal" instead of kink? After reading an essay written by George Zavitzianos, "Homeovestism: Perverse Form of Behaviour Involving the Wearing of Clothes of the Same Sex"; I found myself confused even further. My mind has been chewing on this for week before I saw it.
     One day, while channel surfing, I past a video for Mario's "Break Up". Watching Gucci Mane, Mario and Sean Garrett prance around in their thug gear (fitted caps, goudy jewelry, stunner shades and so forth) I had the epiphany I've been waiting for! There are people who overcompensate their gender to a level of perversion; 'Thugs'. In spite of appropriateness, their speech, clothing and behavior matches the gangsta script seamlessly.
     I would relate this "thug culture" to the mainstreaming of lingerie. At one point, a woman wearing lingerie was exciting and kinky; then women begin to exhibit these 'secrets' in public to the level that it is now normal to see a woman outside wearing boy shorts. This also explains why many men wear this get up to bed. It becomes a revelation of Victor's secret when this "thug" goes down on you and loves you tender! (LOL)
     I want to clarify a bit about what I mean by "thug culture". There was a moment in time that baggy jeans and oversized clothes was a look provided by low-income households. How many of us had to wear hand-me-down from a cousin twice your size? Or had parents that bought bigger clothes, just in case your growth spurt hit before her next check?
     Being trendsetters, this look became popular. Because, often times, men wearing this style of garb happened to be the toughest; other men began to duplicate this look as a means to inflate their masculinity. This group of men, men who have never experienced poverty or criminal activity, wearing this idealized brand of manhood would be classified as Homeovestites! This goes for the surburban, trust fund gangsters and the cute little Butterthugs...Yes, Bow Wow, I'm talking to you...

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