Gulty Pleasures: What's The Reverse of Frotteurism?

     I feel this way whenever I visit the tailor, the barber or get a tattoo.  Its something about the attention, being the recipient of a perfectionist's touch.  Whenever the barber tilts my head to another angle, have something brushed off my shoulder or get my glasses fitted, I get this rush.  I can't explain it, I'm not aroused to the level of erection, but I get tingly and a little lightheaded. 

If they knew what I was experiencing, would they continue? 
Probably not
Would I still be aroused if their touch was intentionally sensual? 
Probably not.

     There is a fetish known as frottuerism; where someone gets off on groping or rubbing against unsuspecting people.  I think I may be developing a fetish for the reverse, being touched by the unsuspecting.  I think I first felt this when I got my suit tailored for the first time.  The older gentleman, of whom I wasn't attracted to, impeccably paid attention to every detail of the contours of my body.  He measured my sleeves, shoulders, legs and waist.  He tightened the fabric across my chest and pulled the crotch of my pants up, all in the spirit of professionalism.  My nerve endings began to sparkle, I could feel the blood rushing to my face; my body was responding in a way I've never felt.  I get everything tailored now!
     When I receive full body massages or am under the affection of a lover, I get a different sensation.  While it is very pleasurable to receive touch in this fashion, I get a different kind of pleasure when the tattooist adjusts my body to get a better angle.  Also, I am rarely aroused outside of the typical erection-inducing stimulation.  This fixation made it clear to me: I am, in fact, a glutton for attention.



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