Sonic Scoptophilia

     Hand in hand, we entered a place simply known as "The Hot Tubs".  Not knowing what to expect, we simply wanted to relax and maybe fool around a bit.  After paying for a couple hours, we were sent to room number five.  Before entering our assigned room, I noticed the close proximity between the doors going down the hallway.
     The room was minimalist at best.  A twin sized bed, a shower and the hot tub occupied the same suite, at the rear of the room was a small sauna.  Quickly disrobing and showering, we submerge our bodies into the steaming hot water.  I feel my feet being massaged, my thumbs kneads circles into the flesh surrounding me.  Our natures rises with the temperature.
     "Shhh," beneath the pulsating hum of the jets, an undercurrent of piques my interest.
     "You gotta be kidding me"
     I smile, "Sounds like we've been beat to it," turning the jets off, we hear a couple in the room next door grunting and singing praises.  The walls were paper thin, I could hear the rhythmic slapping of their skin, the muffled cries.  Hearing them having sex gave me a rock hard erection.  I wanted to create music of my own.
     Touching each other, I cold feel our neighbor's sexual energy flood our room.  Possessed by it, we begin to wildly kiss and grope.  Using my fingers skillfully, I suddenly hear a loud scream come from a different direction!  A woman from another room takes center stage as her lover apparently, "Fuck! Fuck me hard!"  Hearing two different couples going at it overwhelmed me with stimulation.  Although they were in different rooms, their rhythms and sounds were in harmony.  I felt like we were all in the same room, building off of each other.    
     Sitting up on the edge of the tub, I soon began to moan as well.  The slippery, warmth sliding up and down made me grip the walls.  Kicking on leg up, the accessibility was well taken advantage of.  Inspired by the symphony of screams and moans, I began to whimper and whine a song of my own.  The pitch of voice trembled as my body thoroughly enjoyed what was happening.  The tight grip on my inner thighs.  The suckling at the tip.  I am panting, gasping, sizzling, "Baby...Yes."
     Joining the sonic collective, I overheard a deep tenor voice exhale, "Oh God!"  Sensually staccato, his low pitch climbed higher as he climaxes.  Filling my ears with the sound of his orgasm, I found my palms pressing against temples as I crammed in the last inch.  It was my turn the sing the orgasmic chorus...

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