Let's Play: "What Makes This NOT Gay?"

(1) The top never lock eyes with the bottom
(2) The top never looks at the bottom at all
(3) There is very little contact between the two, other than penetration
(4) The top must be "110%" because he offers nothing but the use of his erection
(5) The bottom is going through the motions, merely day dreaming while his rectum dialates

     I love porn for this reason; it either displays the weird hang ups people have or what they're willing to endure for money.  In the pictures above, the top's eyes are clearly focused on something else other than the guy he's having sex with.  Maybe this is an Enrique Cruz film and he's looking at straight porn to keep an erection.  Maybe he's lifting thine eyes on Christ on the cross in some weird kind of mid-sin repentance.  I think he's looking at a foreclosure notice tacked on the bed post, nothing keeps your dick harder than hard times.
     I never liked the premise that having sex with men makes you gay.  There are several instances where men have relations with the same sex while having zero attraction to them; tops and bottoms.  I also disagree that bottoms are automatically gay because they're taking it up the rear.  It is much easier to suck and take unwanted cock than keeping a mandatory erection. 
     Sex can be very mechanical; it can be reduced to hip thrusts and blood flow.  Sex can be possible without passion, thought or attraction.  On that note: look above and see how ugly it is to be motivated by something other than the experience.  He thinks he's fooling someone, but it is very obvious. 


ToddyEnglish said...

That guy was obviously TRULY "Gay For Pay." A gay or bisexual male would have been into it in some capacity. I imagine that he was trying to imagine a woman the entire time.
As it is porn of that caliber does nothing for me. I love to see intimacy (eye contact and verbalization)on some level, even if it is rough sex.
Plus, I like to see a happy bottom taking a big dick...Not looking at his watch like he have to go to the mall in an hour.


guys like that would get a kick in the ass & hit the road quite fast with me... met some, got rid of them (legally!!) guys like that are a waste of space...
a good top is one who assert control by instilling trust, & for that, one has to look at the other, & talk, if needed...
(not too much, as too much talking annoys me, especially the dirty talk. i'm more about grunts & such. quite primal, i am, i know, but it does the job. one knows when i'm happy, & when i'm not...)

Forbidden Light said...

Its amazing to me how some guys will try to isolate the warm, wet hole from the person as a whole.

More amazing than that, there are people out there who don't mind being reduced to a couple of orfices.


low self esteem will do that to you, & i get there's a lot of that going around...

thegayte-keeper said...

The things we do huh?



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