Meat & Bones: The Rise of the Rubenesque

     There has to be a term for this fetish: arousal at the sight of exposed bones and muscle on living human beings.  Obsessed with seeing people emaciated to point their every bone is visible.  Obsessed with seeing people so overworked to the point their every muscle is revealed.  This paraphilia is so integrated into American culture that it's anything but alternative.  But, I beg the differ.  Just like any other fetish, this 'preference' can lead to perverse porportions. 
     While, I have been captivated by the look and feel of living skeletal-muscularity, I am excited to see that there is a movement taking place.  "Porn for Women" and exhibitionist amateurs are pumping the market with pornography featuring 'real' body types.  The fact that it is considered bizzare to see men and women with rolls performing sexual acts, reveals how far removed the mainstream has gotten from reality.  Regular people, while the majority of the population, has become the minority of interest.
     Thank God for the tides of change, keeping me ever engaged with life.  By the end of every age, the gods plummet to the level of peasants.  The new kings rise from the ashes of their disenfranchised ancestors.  Quite possibly, the plump and round will regain its relation to prosperity and abundance.

I coin this event: The Rise of the Rubenesque




each era has its heroes & ideals.

ToddyEnglish said...

This is interesting. It makes me view the fashion/entertainment industry in a whole new light.



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