Beautiful Womb II: Abstand

     The cute reading glasses.  The pearl-adorned kurta.  The brown curls mangled by a good afternoon nap.  I miss your hazel gaze greeting me as I return home from work.  Working on your laptop.  Sipping on a glass of Orangina.  The light filling your face upon my arrival gave me a second wind.  The beverage... The laptop... The glasses... The kurta...soon found themselves on the floor as did my suit and tie.

Distance is a beautiful womb
Birthing new jewels every day.

     Dark chocolate hitting my tongue fills my heart with longing.  Licking avocado from my fingers makes my pants especially uncomfortable.  Yo-Yo Ma sounds off-key without your toes in my mouth.  Your daily absence has been a daily reminder: I have a heart.  And, this heart twists and throbs whenever I make dinner for one.
     Poetry fills my head as your side of the bed grows colder.  My senses sharpen as I struggle to find your fading scent on the pair of briefs you've left for me.  I appreciate affection much deeper, knowing that it could escape me at any moment.  I take nothing for granted: The warmth on my sheets... The stench of sweat and arousal... With the knowledge that it could all fade, I truly have learned how to savor.

Distance is a beautiful womb
Bringing each life.

"Angelito" photographed by Forbidden Light


Miky said...

Love this blog!!!

Forbidden Light said...

This blog loves YOU, Miky! Thank you so much for reading and commenting...

Miky said...

Really?!?! :P

We could xchange links, if you want...Let me know... Bye!!!



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