To commemorate our special day, she purchased a bottle of Amaro Averna.  Italian.  Thick.  Sweet.  64% Proof.  Toasting 365 days of love, labor and evolution, the syrupy digestive coats my mouth, filling my palette with touches of fruit and herbs.  I was instantly warmed.
     We found ourselves nude, listening to Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue", dancing to his nocturnal tempo.  Kissing.  Embracing.  Whispering love notes into each others' ear.  She chimes, "You like the Averna?"  I moan as I nod my head, "Yes".  I was intoxicated early by the combination of liquor, jazz and love.  Her voice breaks my trance, "Follow me."
     "Blue in Green" plays as she leads me to the bed.  She positions me to sit on all fours.  My hips involuntarily wind to the music, her stroking palms encourage me to turn my tail upward.  It starts with few quick laps of her tongue.  Deeper, circular motions wet my asshole.  The rhythmic plunging of her tongue in and out of me made my chest rattle with moans.

My life changed
The moment she took a big sip of Averna...

     I was instantly warmed.  The syrupy digestive left her mouth flowing into me.  I could feel the thick, herbal liquor slowly rolling down the walls of my rectum.  Stinging sweetly, the flow reversed as she began to suck at the Averna.  Toasting 365 days of love, labor and evolution, she manages to give me, yet another, new experience.
     Both us became drunken as she drank shot after shot from me.  My legs wouldn't stop trembling.  My voice was raspy from crying.  Realities and dreams began to blur as the booze grabbed hold of my mind.  Shot after shot, my skin tingled and my insides burned beautifully from the alcohol.  Introducing a feast of fresh sensations, I madly chanted repeatedly, "I love you, baby."

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