A technological threesome

     The warmth of my hands/ the reliability of its motion.  The sensual improvisations of our moans/ the saw-toothed buzz of the running motor. The smile spreading across your face/ the settings switching from low to max power.

What is this device?

     Numbing, yet introducing new sensations.  Freezing our jaws open, yet frying my circuits. Little did I know, I'd still feel it bouncing off my bones, sending sensations stuttering through my skin.

What is this device?

     Vibrations faster than any human limb can execute without bursting into flames.  Suction stronger than our four lungs could ever produce.  Buttons.  Switches.  Knobs.  We discovered we had all of this circuitry and components just beneath our flesh.  This technology handed us the greatest orgasms we've ever experienced.

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