Mojitoe Salad

1 Cucumber
1 Mango
1 Cantaloupe
2 Kiwi
Mint + Cilantro
Olive Oil
3 Shots of Rum

      I am hurled in to a trance.  Toes.  Soles.  Heels.  The objects of my fixation erased everything above her ankles.  If it weren't for her giggles filling the air, I would've forgot she was there.  Her feet, coated in olive oil, honey and mint leaves captured my attention.  I just want to consume.  Sink my teeth into the ball of her foot... Wrap my lips around her big toe...

I've been looking forward to this all day.

     Eating the cantaloupe and mangoes from between her toes, licking the smashed kiwi from the sticky-sweet soles of her tiny feet; I was in hog heaven.  Slurping.  Lapping.  Gnawing.  Taking her entire foot into my mouth, I sucked the acidic juice from her skin.  I prepared a recipe of indulgence, something to satisfy my sweet-tooth and my fetish.  Now, here we are.

Photos by Miriam Weisbard


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