Heirophilia: The Sea of Sodom

       One hundred and forty-four thousand spirits beaming into Heaven boils down to that handful of people I've been wanting to fuck.  For so long, I wanted to see their flesh unclothed.  My tongue longs to taste the salt of his seed...sugar from her lips and walls.  The weight of these mysteries on my mind tether me to this Earth...too heavy for the Heavenbound to be raptured.
     The Sea of Sodom washes upon the shores of Canaan, bathing its beaches with impure ambitions.  My most carnal desires are unlocked by prophecy.  The promise of unyielding judgment inspires me to forfeit all control; abandon all caution.  The potential of my lusts going unfulfilled intoxicates me.

I am not alone

     The Wine of God's Wrath crashes to the pavement, soaking the naked backsides of faggots and whores.  Intersections and alleys are filled with mass debauchery.  Trembling toes point to the seven stars prophesied by David.  Spurting cum paints the blood red moon white again.  The candlesticks... The cups...  The swords... Are all swiped from the altar to provide a clean surface to fuck upon recklessly.
     Bodies, so many bodies, writhe and copulate.  Pleasures upon pleasures feeds my gluttonous eyes. My body empathizes with the orgasms of my neighbors, shuddering with them.  Dancing.  Moaning.  Laughing.  Bathing in the dark waters of Sodom, I realize, "We've been raptured into Heaven."  Abundant pleasure.  Freedom from fear.  Total extravagance.  This is Heaven.

"Major Arcana" by Jak Flash

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