Cocaine & Caffiene: Cure for Writer's Block?

Goodbye...emerald blades of grass
Painfully bright diamonds of jagged sunshine
The sky shifts from sapphire to ruby to sexy

Brake lights pump to the beat
of his hand grabbing my crotch, chest and feet
He can't decide on which part he wants
so we change the station
because his stupid CD skips and repeats

I feel sooooo good
better than good
I want to touch their earlobes
trace their lips with my fingers
but they don't know me
they'd probably freak out!

I can't stop dancing to the rhythm
You're right, Solange, my mind IS a prism
God's light is shining through
It hurts me that nobody sees it
Excuse me, ma'am, are you fucking blind?
I'm lighting up the street at two in the morning
and you're pretending to not see me

Let go of me, Max!
She needs to see the truth
Open you eyes, Bitch!
I'm NOT high...I'm down to Earth
I'ma whup your ass if you don't let me go...

Hmm, Max, I kinda like the way you got me by the arm...
You wanna take this struggle indoors?



Does it really cure writer's block?

Forbidden Light said...

@TGK: I wouldn't know...But writing about it sure does! Hahahahah

This was an exercise, writing about what it would be like to be under the influence of a drug you've never had...Was I accurate in my depiction?


did it once.
made me more talkative at 5am,
but otherwise, didn't do it for me.
don't understand what's the big deal. just glad i didn't get hooked. other stuff worked better for me...

Forbidden Light said...

@Mr, Bear: Do tell...I've been looking for a new vice...


nothing new about those:

Forbidden Light said...

@BEAR: Oh shit! That sounds kinda good...Doesn't that put you in a coma?


quite the opposite!!!
my record was 16 hours non stop dancing,
and i mean non-stop!!!
yhose were the days.
stuff was "good" back then. too much crap on the market now. i left while it was still good.

Forbidden Light said...

@Mr. Bear: Isn't GHB the date rape drug?

I actually have a severe sensitivity to drug...Marijuana keeps me high for two full days!

I always said that when I get old, I'm going to started using drugs liberally.

Cogent Ascending said...

Crack is wack yo.


i'm just the opposite.
i'm quite resilient...
costed me more too!!!
the "G" i got was different as one could differently taste it...
like rusty seage pipe...
but amazing euphoric results!!!
and a nice way to end a party. perhaps because i was so wired up that i didn't feel the "drug rape" effect???...
i'm no specialist.
i just know it worked for me. maybe you should stay away from all of that if you're that sensitive...

Garçon Stupide said...

I'm almost religious in my opposition to drugs (which as a committed atheist should tell you something). Coke is disgusting.

Setting aside the effect it has on people (who can do whatever the hell they want to themselves) there's the unrelenting horror its supply to the West bestows upon those in the impoverished countries from which it comes.

Kinda boring to have to hear when you just wanna snort and have a good time. But for those of you who are, I hope it kills you. Truly.


@ garcon stupide:
no offense to the host here,
but i would like to reply.

wishing more harm on people that are already harming themselves seems to me cruel and unnecessary.

can we settle for another option?
i propose: may they find their way out of this mess.


i've known people who had this addiction, and they've come around. i'm thinking of one in particular, who's now acting responsibly, is married, has kids, a decent career. you'd look at him, and the thought would never cross your mind that he used to bend over to snort this crap.

i myself, as a teen and in my 20s, used to be anti-drugs. my 30s brought me in an unexpected direction. i have no regrets, no shame, and i certainly do not apologise for it to anyone. the only harm i may have done is to my own wellbeing. i've since moved on.

while, since i work in the health care system, i do not condone drug use, i still feel an emphaty for those who use such things. there is a reason behind it. it not an excuse, but it is a reason.

i've lost a friend to heroine. the kindest soul you could ever meet. but life was too harsh for him and he couldn't cope. it was his mean of evasion, and he died because of it, but not as you would think. there was foulplay and the overdose may not have been of his own making. making his death even more painful. and the police has neverfully resolved this case...

judge not, unless one day, you find yourself in their shoes...
i'm just saying.

now, i'll let the host here decide whether to post my comment, or not...
i don't think i was offensive, but to hear someone wish death upon others is... a bit hard to swallow.

let's wish for enlightenment instead.


Forbidden Light said...

@Mr. Bear: That was a very diplomatic way of responding. I absolutely love the notion, "may they find their way out of this mess."

I believe with all vices, sex included, it's a means coping. Means to access something different within yourself and beyond your present reality.

@Garcon: I'm interested in reading your experiences that may have lead you to have such a strong opposition towards drugs. I have a feeling there's a story there...


i am better known for my bluntness than my tact. also, this is not my blog, so... and this being for me a second language, to convey my thoughts exactly... that's somethihng else!!
if you think i'm being dip[lomatic, i cetainly like how you're bringing back the discussion on a constructive path. i would certainly like to hear what's behind that opinion of his...


Garçon Stupide said...

Hehe... it was extraordinarily diplomatic.

My own strong feelings are based on the damage I've seen done to friends - in one case, a very close friend - by thing like coke etc. More to the point, they were introduced to it by users on the gay scene.

And again, the damage done to individuals in the West (at their own hands, by their own choice) is nothing compared to the damage done around the world, in places like Mexico, Colombia, Afghanistan - people who really have no choice.

It's nice that your friend has turned his life around and has everything he could possibly want now - but how many innocent lives were lost or destroyed to supply his addiction?

I'm sorry, but I've no sympathy for addicts, who had a choice, and left their victims with none.


@ garcon stupide:
you blame the addicts when i would blame the suppliers. they're the ones exploiting this situation.

you said it yourself that addicts at one point made the choice. so, that's that. hallucogenics have always been a part of mankind's history, from way back to antiquity, people used mind-benders for mystic reasons or just for the thrill of it.

remove the supply, and people will simply find another way to destroy themselves, or they will find a new way to live. we chose our path.



Garçon Stupide said...

I agree, the suppliers are the root cause, but addicts and other users in the West are equally complicit in the exploitation of innocent people in less developed parts of the world.

Their base and selfish need causes untold misery, yet they label themselves as innocent victims, washing their hands of the consequences of their actions.


those countries you speak of are often politically unstable, economically weak and will resort to anything to survive. can't blame them, but it's their government that has to deal with those issues and find alternatives...
i would ask you to stop blaming addicts to be complicit...but it is pointless. addicts don't see that far. they can't!! they have enough of their own issues to care for anything else. our part here is to help them with said issues.

it's been fun,
but i'll leave it at that.
i certainly never expected to take the defense of addicts, as i live in a district infested with drug dealers and addicts...



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