Reverse Frotteurism: Reading Over My Shoulder

I can feel the blood filling my face; I know this feeling all too well.
I consciously keep my breathing in check, chanting to myself, "Remain professional, remain professional..."
I try to delay the erection

If you knew what this was doing to me
Would you discontinue?
Would it freak you out?
Your index finger traces the lines on my computer screen
Reading to yourself, you mumble under your breath
Unintentionally, spilling your words onto my face
Exhaling them softly down the side of my neck
Out of compulsion,
I ask another question, to which I already know the answer

Giving a more thorough explanation,
you lean in closer
Placing your cheek within kissing distance
Resting your hand on my shoulder
As if to invite me into your knowledge

Information has never been so warm
Whenever accounts receivables come to mind,
I'll remember your manicured hands
Your signature scent making me a genius and forgetful with every whiff

Suddenly, your voice breaks my trance,
"How was that? You think you get it now?"


Cogent Ascending said...

I freaking hate when people read over my shoulder.
I will intentionally fart or do something else equally loathsome just to make them go away.

Joey said...

Oh god. That makes me want to ask my coworkers for clarification on all sorts of matters.



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