Creative Conflict: Beauty vs. Art

     This is happening too often.  I search online for art that inspires me or supports the overall concept of my thoughts.  Maybe I'm old school, but I like my art painted or if it's photography, I appreciate photos with an artistic direction.  But lately, I've been coming across more and more glamour; more and more pieces of "art" which entire value is supported by the beauty of it's subject.  It's getting to me.

The difference between art and beauty:
One compels you to find out who's in front of the camera.
The other reminds you: there's someone on the other side of the lens.      

     I appreciate beautiful people, maybe more than most.  I praise circumferences, symmetry and luster.  I worship at the temple of flesh, muscle, bones, hair, teeth, cocks, breast, asses.  Although I'm constantly entranced by the human form; I am starting to miss one of the most important parts of the body: the soul.  Flipping through pages of people posing and pointing their best feature forward; I'm growing jaded.  Scrolling through several blogs, I'm growing weary of the laundry list of hot guys and girls.  I get it: they're beautiful.

Can't we do more with a six pack?
Aren't there other qualities to black skin beyond it's blackness?
Where's the creativity?


Cogent Ascending said...

You will never find the soul looking at a photograph darlin.
You will find beauty in spades however and since I've never seen a soul, nor can I name anyone who has and lived to tell the tale, perhaps its best left assumed the soul was so hideous god hid it inside a truly beautiful body.

Forbidden Light said...

@Cogent: I'd take a hideous soul over a beautiful droid any day of the week...That why I love you sooo much! LMBAO!

The soul may be invisible but it leaves very tangible impressions...Art is an act of translation, articulating the soul into something we can detect with our senses...

Cogent Ascending said...

Mmmm no.
Art is about celebrating the beautiful and laughing at everything else which fails to measure up.
Or at least MY art is.

Forbidden Light said...

@Cogent: Mmmm, Yes! Art is about finding the gorgeous in the grotesque and revealing the ugly in the beautiful... The best art is surreal...

Don't you want your paradigm shifted? Have something exposed to you that challenges your previous point of view?

Cogent Ascending said...

My point of view is built upon the collective and therefore needs no manual shifting.
It shifts automatically in response to the change in social tides.
Let's lock up the grotesque and eradicate the ugly.
It'll be fun.
I promise.

Forbidden Light said...

@GayHitler: What is it with you and camps? Hahahaha You're always scrubbing us down with your social soap!

On second thought, if we make it a sexy dungeon, I'm down for seeing the grotesque in chains...



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