Xenocentrism: Japan

     For the most part, I believe that you can make incredible discoveries about a culture based off their pornography.  You gain great insight just by paying attention to...

How is the power is distributed?
How the men and women are showcased?
What kind of situational themes occur?
What part of sex is emphasized?
What body types are celebrated?
Which parts are adored?
Which body parts are ignored?
Where do they cash in the money shot?

     Think about American pornography for a minute: did a frostbiting chill run up your spine?  If you were to take a pen & pad and observed what we watch while jerking off.  Objectively, I'd assume that Americans were misogynous, typecasting and more concerned with what happens to the ejaculate than the ejaculation itself.  They sure are a pretty and eclectic group though.  These American porn stars make me forget they're getting paid, like they're fucking for the love of it.

My theory of porno-analysis crumbles and bursts into flames when it come to Japanese porn.

     I love watching J-porn because, I'm always left saying, "huh?"  After cumming, I still sit and watch the bizarre shit they're doing.  How is it possible to incorporate gold fish, power tools and one hundred gallons of lube?  My favorite aspect about their pornography: there's less emphasis on the actors and more about the concept and theme.  They really go out their way to fully exhaust a certain scene.  It's living, sexual art!  I had to be Japanese in my past life...

For the next few days,
I will be walking you guys through some of my favorite Japanese titles!

Have you ever felt a combination of confusion and arousal?


Cogent Ascending said...

Ill take physical perfection over scenarios any day

Garçon Stupide said...

I don't know if J-porn makes your theory crumble - it proves it, rather. The Japanese are on a completely different strata to the rest of us.

I'm in awe of them, and kinda frightened too.

Forbidden Light said...

@Cogent: That makes sense...you would...

@Garcon: You're right! The Japanese mind is quite bizarre and brilliant...like their porn!

ToddyEnglish said...

That's what I've always loved about Japanese culture. It is so aesthetically appealing. They have such an eye for beauty and detail. It isn't about baring flesh insofar as the PROMISE of naked flesh. That is why I someday want to attend a haute couture fashion show in Tokyo (Paris too). The styles are always so futuristic and CRAZY. The designers are hella talented.

I've never seen a Japanese porn but I imagine it isn't solely about the sex (ala Western porn). I probably couldn't get off on it, but I'd watch for the artistic value.

That's it. I am going to fill out an application to work at Vogue. Anna Wintour here I come...and I'll be sitting next to her at a Japanese fashion show hopefully.

Wait a second...how did I transform a sex topic into fashion?

Uhm yeah...



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