Just a Taste: The Provocation of Proximity

     Scrolling through the menu, I'm looking for another slice of cheesecake to share with you. Searching for something different enough to be interesting but similar enough to be satisfying.  In a empty restaurant, our discussions seamlessly travel from topics of culture, love and life.  My offbeat humor lands wonderfully, our laughter fills the diner with life.  
     Tell me more.  You've been so many places, experienced so many things.  Remaining on the edge of my seat, your journey is served with a side fries.  Comprehensive yet dissolving, I feel like I've known you forever yet have so much more to find out.  It's amazing that our introduction lasted this long and covered so much ground.  You are so interesting.

The sunrise marks the end of our midnight snack.

The evening is sealed with a kiss
Our lips made closed cushions
Our tongues stayed home
My erection knocked at the door of my fly
Just enough to keep me transfixed for the week to come
I got just a taste...

     I'm not used to this.  In my current mode of life, I have grown accustomed to immediate consummation.  Instant gratification.  Taking perfect strangers and devouring them completely upon meeting.  Nothing is left.  Nothing is desired.  I'm satisfied until the hunger returns.  But now, my stomach won't stop growling...I can't stop salivating.  You've been on my mind non-stop.

You've prepared a cruel concoction of hope and lust.

     What will I do to your body?  Your mind?  Once I get my hands on you, how will I prepare my feast?  You've laced my creativity with your image and I've been compiling different fashions of fucking you...loving you...worshiping you...serving you...addicting you, just so I have the chance to return with another approach.

I got just a taste of what could be
A universal flavor lingers from a single kiss
The only thing sweeter:
your absence
  The only thing more bitter:
the volumes of unfulfilled fantasies

     Scrolling through the menu, there's so many possibilities.  Perhaps I'd anoint this special occasion by ordering something different this time.  Something I've never had.  As long as it's eaten with you, any dish will be satisfying...no price is too heavy...no arrangement too conflicting.  

I've been waiting a long time for this. 

The above art is from "Saint-Cochon"

     I found this collection to be appropriate because it captures that tension that comes from close proximity.  The electricity that builds when you're close...but not touching.  I also love the picnic scene, the concept of presentation and dining is very alluring to me; they have  managed to translate the mixed feeling of delicacy and restraint.

You can view the rest of this photo set


Garçon Stupide said...


Damn... where's that restaurant at?!

Amazing, as always...

Forbidden Light said...

@Garcon: It's a little spot in London, remember? LOL

Thanks for the love, mate! Keep an eye on you inbox this evening...I have some heat heading in your direction.

Cogent Ascending said...

It's flattering we are arch nemesis but that you still find the time to write about me :D

ToddyEnglish said...

This was so romantically cool.
I'd much rather peach cobbler over cheesecake though...=0)

Toy Couture said...

Absolutely beautiful...but I wouldn't expect anything less than exceptional from your creative mind.

Very engaging and eloquently written. I Love It.

Although it speaks flattering volumes about the person you dined with I would stay away from him..Sounds dangerous..you may mess around and fall in love (wink)

Forbidden Light said...

@Cogent: How did you know? It's strange you're my biggest rival and my biggest crush! Who could stay mad at the little button nose?

@Toddy Ruxpin: You're such a southern belle! Hahaha Peach Cobbler it is, but I like mine with mangoes...

@Toy: Aww shucks, you're killing me with all the praise...please don't stop, Papa... Does this make the audio anthology?



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