Andromimetophilia: Love of Women Dressed Like Men

     She doesn't like to be referred to as 'she'.  If I forget to call her "Mistyr" or "Syr" there's a paddle with my name on it.  (S)he is a new lover of mine and I am falling head over heels in love with her...err..hym(?)  As a bisexual man, she's is giving me the complete package.  She's soft, pretty and petite yet hardcore, handsome and a giant in bed.  But the one thing I love the most: she's simple and direct.
     Letting her fuck me with a strap-on was an incredible, yet surreal experience.  Seeing her breast bounce really aroused me, because it was such a stark contrast to the black cock pumping inside of me.  Fucking me like a gentleman, she also cradled me in her arms like a nursing mother.  Even when she delivered harder blows to my ass, it was somehow with a mothers' love.  Sweetly confusing. 
     Speaking for myself, I didn't feel less masculine.  Grabbing her hips, pressing her dildo deeper into me, I felt like I was exploring a passive side of my manhood.  Or maybe, I was accessing the feminine side of my manhood?  Aren't we all a composite of both masculine and feminine qualities?  What does it mean to be a man these days, anyways?
     Supposedly, allowing yourself to be fucked is a feminine thing to do.  I'm not so sure...I release a lot of aggression and visceral energy on the bottom.  I feel like a tribesman letting out a war cry.  Sometimes, I feel more manly receiving than on top when I'm being concerned and considerate.  I see why the yin and yang is a circle.

Being with her has me thinking a lot about gender:

What's the difference between being gender flexible and gender queer?
 Are gender roles mainly defined by "who's on top"?
What are some fun ways to play with my gender identity?
What kind of man am I?

The above photography is from Michael Angelo's:

This particular set
(Featuring the oddball beauty Jonathan Kroppman)
Really illustrates that masculinity can be pervasive
Even with make-up, he's still gritty and gamy

But does the masculine have a monopoly on edge?


ToddyEnglish said...

I missed this one!
Speaking for myself I'm an unabashed homosexual metrosexual. I have a beauty regimine and I love to shop, both things deemed typical "feminine." However, it all comes really natural to me. Although I am a man I'm quite intune with my feminine side as well; and I don't see that as shameful. I love being a dude with flair. Furthermore, I think gayness has imbued me with talent and creativity. That's why I would never want to be str8...
As it is I'm still trying to decide on whether or not I should, as Christian Aguilera says, "beat my face like a movie queen" and get full on GLAM (like Adam Lambert). If I did it I would want it to look like I wasn't painting.

Anonymous said...

I am so interested in this for some reason.......!!!!!

Forbidden Light said...

@Reggie: You've always struck me uniquely androgynous! From I've seen of your style, you're really challenging... (So glad to have you back, don't ever leave again!)

Anonymous said...

AWWWWW, Thanks bro. And I guess I don't want to be put in a box so I explore all aspects.

Call me Kelis.



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