Partialism: Mouth

What better offering than the mouth?
Licking.  Kissing.  Sucking.  Biting.
A synergy of stimuli composing an ecstatic experience.
Breathing.  Humming.  Drooling.  Swallowing.
Allow my tongue to remind you
...of the spaces between...
...of the surfaces behind...
...of the many ways to get inside of you...

Survive my teeth
 Stretch my jaws to the limit
Slide across the ribs on the roof of my mouth
Find shelter in my throat

Appreciate this brief moment in Heaven


thegayte-keeper said...


Forbidden Light said...

@T.G.K: Sounds like I have a witness!

Corey said...


Better yet! PULL your teeth ...ALL OF THEM...and let's not be bothered with them!

That's a REAL OLD SCHOOL late 19th/early 20th century move! They really used to do that! Have you ever had a BJ with NO TEETH?

Heaven, indeed!
We must talk!

Forbidden Light said...

@Corey: OMG! We MUST talk! Hahahaha!

You have to fill me in on the history lesson! Where did they do this? (God, I love you!)

Anonymous said...

HOT!!!! AND......:)

Forbidden Light said...

REGGGGGIEEEEE! It is so good to see you, baby brother! I missed you so much!

Shooot me an e-mail about what you've been up to?

Anonymous said...

Will do, sir....>!!!!



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