Viscera: Mars & Venus


The following material can be considered disturbing...

I've been in a very odd mood these days...
If you are interested:

Seriously, this post isn't for the faint at heart.


     Its difficult to comprehend where he takes me.  Something about him...something about our chemistry, makes me feel so gutty...bony...visceral.  I'm full of meat and organs when I'm with him.  My spleen is pressed aside.  My intestines are worked for hours.  I throb.  I contract.  I flow.
     The screaming smooths into rhythmic whimpers: I am his.  My sphincters are exhausted, giving him unlimited access.  My hole surrenders to his sword.  Holding my legs up, my hamstrings yield to my urgency to be open.  I tilt.  I extend.  I expand to take all of him in.
     My lungs are filling with air, crushing themselves against my ribs.  My jaws are agape; becoming painfully unhinged.  My heart is dilating.  Stretching me to my limits and beyond, he's disassembling my anatomy into a grotesque masterpiece.  My knees are attached to my ears.  My spine curls into a wheel.  My belly hungers and gulps from my bottom.  I twitch.  I squish.  I spill over as he spits his seed all over my twisted limbs.

I am open.


     Our altar is wet with our fluids.  Splashing.  Spitting.  Saturating.  We've been performing this perverse rain dance for days on end.  We've been depositing seeds into the stars.  Tears.  Sweat.  Juice.  God's name has been called.  A sacrifice was made.  Something is bound to happen.

Knocking within her womb
I could never get deep enough inside of her.
I long to get even closer.
Pressing.  Piercing.  Praying.
Parting the Red Sea.
Envisioning Canaan.
Wetting the skies with milk and honey.
Blood.  Cum.  Saliva.
The walls, floors and bed are hereby sealed.
Our skin, sheets and ceiling are hereby anointed.

It is done.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy it. The realism and honesty was quite refreshing.

Forbidden Light said...

Thank you, Reggie! I went on a limb with this one...I've been feeling so juicy and meaty...



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