Baptism by Bondage: Part II

[The Prologue]
[Part I]

Bound to the heavens above
Dangling by my arms
My limbs went numb
My wrists are crushed by the weight of my body

A painful parable

     Transforming me into a human chandelier, inertia became his favorite sex toy.  Using my swinging skull to slide across his big cock.  With my jaws opened wide, he swung me back and forth: I was the epitome of objectification.  It was an honor.  Every round, I forced his erection further and further into my throat, sometimes blocking my airways.  Feeling his veins graze my lips...Tasting him...Sucking him...Truly felt like a privilege. 

Thank God for the gift of rhythm
In between beats, I'd take a deep breath in preparation of the big plunge
After enough practice,
I was able to steal a breath from around the giant lodged in my esophagus

     Withdrawing himself from my jaws, I was left to dangle alone.  By this point, my arms had become fading phantoms.  Essentially, I was levitating in mid air.  Apart from my senses and my body, I was in a transcendental state.  The sounds of the chains cascading from above hypnotized me.
     Suddenly, a symphony flooded the room.  A sensuous instrumental began to play from a stereo in his room.  The classical music reminded me of wisps of smoke lifting from incense.  Wrapping his body around me from behind, he began to dance with me.  His gyrating hips made my floating body swirl.  I could feel his erection sliding up and down the sides of my torso.  Tenderness.  Elegance.  Romance.

At that moment
I swear to God, he had achieved telepathy.
I could hear him whispering in my mind,
"The way you are now, powerless, is still worthy."
"I'm not that the only one that sees you beyond your body and is pleased."
"Although you're the sacrifice, this is my offering to you."
"The way you are, powerless, is fruitful."

Powerful sentiments filled my mind and spirit

     Us dancing felt incredibly maternal.  I felt incubated.  Being bound and rocking to his movements, I felt reinstalled into my mother's womb.  I was being programmed to believe that I was perfect, even as a hanging piece of meat.  Detaching me from the suspension bar gave me new limbs; oddly, I had to learn how to use them.  My elbows remained locked.  My leather mitts remained Heavenward.  Freedom felt foreign.

I was born again....


Anonymous said...

i also have been given the gift of the ivory sphinx.
as a seasoned whore who regularly offers my body to men in public places i though I knew everything about my body and the bodies of other men. My first session with him made me see what a novitiate I was. I knew nothing about my own body. Orgasm after orgasm left me fearing my heart would stop. At some point cuming became meaningless. thank you for chronicling the power of a experience with the beautiful man with the blue eyes

Forbidden Light said...

"Orgasm after orgasm...At some point cumming became meaningless." WOW

Thank you for your hot comment Anonymous! Sex and ecstasy has the potential to be both ever-evolving and abysmal...

Anonymous said...

i agree. To come to understanding of this so late in life saddens and infuriates me. Perhaps it takes half a life time to begin to learn. One thing the ivory sphinx has shown me is that the world of men is not tops and bottoms, fuckers and fuckee. It is about being a subordinate in touch with your sexual need to receive.
I can fuck and be serviced, wear leather or assert my self in sex but I am always the one who desires to be kissed, to be led, to give the gift of letting another use me for his pleasure and my own. The beautiful blue eyed man can tie me up or just place my hands above my head and they will remain there until he moves them. His pleasure seems to be to dominate me. My pleasure comes from being subordinate, not from any specific sex act. Often there has been no penetration and i still lose count of the number of times I climax. The intensity and frequency are solely up to him. The multiple orgasms he brings me to are what he expects and what amaze and frighten me.



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