Erotophonophilia: Arousal by Murder

Irrational.  Inconsolable.  Interesting.  

     You had to get inside way or another.  Curiosity lead your fists more than hatred.  You struck fear into your own heart, envisioning this pretty face wrapped around your erection.  Cursing your nostrils, my scent was translated as beautiful before you could rationalize.  Grabbing my arms, thrusting me to the floor; internally, you noted how soft my skin was.
     Is there another knife in your trousers?  Or are you getting aroused as you command your friends, "Hold him down!"  My shirt: removed.  My arms: held over my head.  My endurance: turns you on.  In your fucked up, twisted mind, my screams, the grunts and heavy breathing of your gang...reminds you of the secret stash under your mattress.
     This would've worked out much differently if we were alone.  You would've chosen another method to teach me a lesson.  Your blade wouldn't make you so envious.  But, alas, you'd be next if they knew.  Your blood would soak the pavement if they realized the truth.  You hate fags because you hate yourself.  You hate this fag in particular because I was too damn pretty for your comfort.

You may have destroyed my body, 
But my spirit will accompany you.
Ultimately, I've always been more curious about you.

     I'll hand you the lube when you are "checking your e-mail".  I'll sit on the edge of my seat when your girlfriends' fingers get too wondrous.  I'll rejoice in your accelerated heart rate and Craig's List gets more and more tempting.  When you finally answer that ad, I wonder if he'd look like me.  You had to get inside of way or another.

When I stumbled upon his/their work,
My mind was instantly filled with fiction and narrative.

The art is rich with color and inertia
Full of untold stories and forgotten folktales

This artist inspired me to write something "out there"
I'm inspired to the extent of fear and bravery


Anonymous said...

This was out there, big bro. You cease to amaze me. LOL.

Now...Do me a favor. Go to my blog, read my new chapter from my book. And let me know what you think.

Also, Go to the side, find my Last.Fm box and listen to my song.

"Shawty" (Put You On My Team)

Let me know what you think!!!!

Forbidden Light said...

@Reggie: Thank you, Baby Bro! I'm on my way...



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