Forbidden Moon: The Wicked 1

With God shinning from your distorted reflection
You have been demonized by those that keep the day
Your natural symmetry has been deemed crooked
The sum total of an equation forbidden to solve
The 1 you represent is considered taboo...wicked...

I find shelter north of your bosom
Nectar within the blossom blooming down south
Yet, my limbs are torn apart, as far as the east is from west
By a tower designed to pierce my darkest recesses

I understand their fear as I fade...dissolve...cease to exist
My strength...size...shade...becomes meaningless
My complications...qualities...kingdom...collapses into a single kernel
My legs...jaws...mind...has been blown open
The 1 you represent happens to include all that I am

The freedom, both disintegrating and unifying
Destroys the dedication to dominance and passivity
Passion and receptivity resounds from our throbbing wounds
Assertion and surrender brings rhythm to our clashing erections

There is no top...our love is bottomless...versatility is an understatement...

The 1 you represent drives us to co-exist

Occupying peaks and valley simultaneously together
Feeding while swallowing at the same time without choking
We both speak while listening without interrupting each other
It's noisy...It's messy...It's crazy...but, above all, it's harmony...

I understand their fear...

     The Wicked 1 is about my encounter with a woman who's equally masculine and feminine; furthermore, she enjoys the use of all three sexual outlets.  Loving her has opened my eyes to a morsel of the universal truth.  The fact that androgyny and the inter-sexed has been demonized by western religion reveals a hidden venom.  Not only does it illustrate a disinterest in sexual liberty, but also a diabolical desire to divide men from women.  I think its important to merge!
     Gonzalo Bernard's work, featured above, represents this all- important convergence.  While maintaining his gender, his art showcases the ability and beauty of embracing both masculine and feminine.  It's a sublime experience.


ToddyEnglish said...

This picture reminds me of the god Pan. Pan was often the companion of nymphs(female spirits)in Greek mythology.
So it's neat--and complimentary--seeing Pan with boobs. I don't know if that's what he had in mind but that's my interpretation.

Forbidden Light said...

@Toddy: That's a GREAT interpretation! Historically, when the creators of Christian and Catholic imagery designed "The Devil" and other demons, Pan was their first victim.

Great insight, babe!

GBènard said...

it's just about being human... being alive. And it's great to see that the new generation is much more aware that being human/being alive is much more than being man, woman or rabbit.

Corey @ I'll Keep You Posted said...

So, you ask what I think?!

I think I have something to say that has nothing particularly to do with this blog post! I've just read or viewed post and page after post and page, and being here has taken me to some "other" place - a place that isn't necessarily foreign, but just one that I don't always allow myself to go. One might say that's a good thing, but if you really knew me, it might not be such a good idea. Maybe it has everything to do with control! Maybe I'm out of control! To my credit, I've exercised quite a bit of restraint, so I chose your latest post to just SAY SOMETHING! I'm just so MOVED to do that even though I don't know how well what I say will make any sense! I'm inspired, too! I'm inspired to examine and reveal more of my own sense of personal fetish. I've tried to do this before on my own blog but I want to go there again! Thanks for that! You know, you are really SO TALENTED! And your blog is SO BEAUTIFUL!

Forbidden Light said...

@GBenard: To open yourself to be part of the grand scheme of life...To give yourself license to get lost...PROFOUND!

Corey: You almost made me cry at work today...I thank you profusely for your words!



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