I Thought I Was Free...

Is this where the sexy get free?
Or does the freedom make them sexy?

     This Wednesday, I went to a paradigm altering event known as "Estatic Dance".  It would be considered a dance club, if you subtracted the need to impress and establish value.  My fly gear was useless and my dance moves were far too calculated.  The dancing was free form and chaotic.

Some jumped
Others channeled their ancestors
Some just waved their arms in a hippie-like manner
A few got naked

     I thought I was free before this moment.  But I realized that I was chained to the rhythm...I was bound to this need to feel sexy...My two-step made me feel like I had cement shoes on.  Watching them gallop around and make waves from their bodies, I soon got with the program. I felt compelled to jump and skip and make love to the walls.  (Those walls oozed with sexuality.)

They call it "Contact Improv"
I call it...
Dance Sex

Which took them to the floor and back to their feet...

I'm still grappling with all that happened, but I'll be back next week...
Hopefully, I will be able to explain better...
Stay tuned.


Cogent Ascending said...

I can't watch stuff like this or like american idol. Watching other people make jack asses of themselves makes me physically uncomfortable. Its almost like watching someone have dental work done.
I just can't do it.

Forbidden Light said...

@Cogent: It was a beautiful experience, because for one moment, it truly wasn't about other people... Wouldn't you like to be a jack ass from time to time? Let loose without the fear of critism or rejection?

ToddyEnglish said...

Coincidentally, I dance like this everyday in the secrecy of my bedroom...lol. I do so because I know no one else can see me.
However, when I'm doing salsa or cha-cha I get the same enjoyment. either way when you're feeling the music nothing else matters. I love dancing. It is like THERAPY (to me atleast).

Cogent Ascending said...

In short?
When i die i imagine part of the fun is getting to watch your entire life like some kind of well edited and highly anticipated movie directed by Spielberg or something.
The soundtrack would of course be awesome and you get to watch the whole thing with total surprise.
Everything would be seen for the first time.
Having said that I'll be damned if I'm going to watch my life story and find out I acted like a retard at any point.
At least not intentionally.

Forbidden Light said...

@Cogent: That is the most interesting theory of the after-life I have ever heard. EVER.

I have a new understanding of your special brand of anxiety! Hahahaha

Forbidden Light said...

@Toddy: I totally feel you on that...If I go too long without a night at the Death Guild, I'm full of tension and bile!


it's such an XTC moment for me!!
i remember not only wanting to dance to the music but wanting to feel it,
leaniong my head on those gigantic speakers, going temporarilly deaf [thankfully] once at one of the best venues in the city, just for the need of the music.

if i indeed get a flashback of my life,
i wanna see the most extatic, foolish moments to stream by. no need to get mundane at such a time...
when i look back,
i had some great times,
despite it all!!!...

Forbidden Light said...

@TICKLEBEAR: I agree, I want my flashback to be like a porno/comedy! Hahahahaha



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