Welcome to the Playground (Part I): This Year's Queericulum

     From the floor, Max complains, “Man, I've been on my feet all day.”

     On the couch, I’m massaging his bare feet in my lap, “Poor Papa,” a kiss connects my lips to the sole of his foot. Never in life have I interacted this way in public. Sitting beside other people on a crowded sofa, sharing elbowroom, I casually gave in to my podophilic proclivities. While massaging, licking and sucking his feet and toes, I also maintained a conversation with my other friends: something about the uselessness of private vehicles in San Francisco.

At “Queericulum”
Social sex acts are appropriate.
In a room called “The Playground”
Fellatio and fellowship goes hand and hand

     “Ooh, I like that! Keep working that foot fetish,” a black man shouts in my direction. Breaking my trance, I thank him with a grin before returning to my favorite dish. “You picked a fine pair of feet there!” Laughing, his attention returns to his own group of friends.
It scared me how natural it felt.
Displaying my most intimate parts took zero adjustment:
No alcohol...No drugs
Solely under the influence of my desires
P.D.A. or public nudity is one thing
But, this is something else…

How did I end up here?

     If God had the balls to anoint me the architect of Heaven: I would design it like this. A wonderful composite of my sweetest, most surreal, dreams, there was dancing, dessert and nudity. A cozy lounge with lots of fucking surface, it was a juicy juxtaposition of partying and penetration. The crowd was so open-minded that the extreme aspects of this gathering became matter of fact.

All I could think was, “I’m not so crazy, after all.”
The second voice chimed in, “Yes, you are.”
“Well, I’m not the only one!”
“You’re right, maybe there’s hope for you, yet.”
“Hopefully, it’s hope and not beautiful bait”

     Max interrupts my mono-dialogue by pressing the ball of his foot between my legs. He’s ready to go deeper. Slowly pulling his pants off from his airborne ankles, his bottomless body spread as dressed people walked by. Something stirred up in me. Something in my mind blossomed as his eight-inch erection flopped in front of pedestrian eyes.

In a moment of brilliance
All facets of interpersonal relations shined in an illustrious unison
My eyes heard The Omni-Chord ring silently

If this is bait, consider me trapped…

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