Welcome to the Playground (Part III): The Aftermath

My head was spinning…

Both figuratively and literally
My body was pleasurably hyper-stimulated
A climatic foreshadowing pulled my legs apart
Made my body tremble
Pushed my moans to a higher frequency...

My head was spinning…
Both figuratively and literally
Surrounded by 360 degrees of sex
My eyes chugged down every arrangement
Swallowing every naked inch of flesh
My brain cells were exploding
My memory was overloaded

But you can’t see everything at once…

I wish my eyes were present to see
The volume…
The distance…
The whiteness of my own seed
Blasting off into an orgasm-induced blindness
Everything faded to black
I came so hard...I slipped into a micro-coma…

     Getting up to find something to clean up with, Max returns with a sock, “Where’d it go?”  Checking both of our bodies, there wasn’t a trace of semen on either of us.  Looking around, I’m reminded of Ben Stiller’s lost seed in There’s Something About Mary.  Finding nada, he laughs, “It must’ve got lost in the crowd.”  Gross, but funny; I hurried up and got dressed before someone returned the favor.
     Although I was completely sober, I felt drunk stumbling out of Queericulum.  My mind couldn’t grasp everything that just occurred.  Bewildered.  Beautiful.  Drowsy.  I never felt so deliciously depleted.  I never doubted my short term memory.  Did that really just happen?
(The Next Day)

     Boarding a flight to San Diego, I noticed something completely different about myself.  It required a great deal of consciousness to stay out of other people’s personal space.  Shuffling down the packed aisle of the airplane, I was walking a tad too close.  I had to keep myself from bumping into people, sliding against them.
     Participating in an orgy obliterated my sense of personal space. I wanted to openly talk to people I didn’t know.  I wanted to touch strangers.  I wanted to rest my hand on the thigh of the cute boy sitting next to me.  I was catching this kind of impulse throughout the entire day.  It actually required effort to not invade the personal boundaries of the public.  Not cool.  (Well, maybe a little cool.)

Have I created a monster?

     Never before has a sex act affected my view of the outside world.  Never before has a sex act skewed my perspective this dramatically.  Sure, my experiences with the world find its way into my bedroom, but never the other way around.  I’m more curious than scared.  I have the will power to stay appropriate until I figure out a balance, but the fact that it requires will power is a cause for concern.
I will definitely do it again
Maybe I’ll alter my participation levels to keep it fresh
Perhaps stay dressed and become a glutton for eye candy?
Maybe I’ll include more friends next time?
There’s a world of possibilities…
I can’t wait for the next Queericulum this summer!


ToddyEnglish said...

Wow. ::blinks::

Okay, I'm going to give this to you with the utmost L-O-V-E...No shade.

Please remember that fantasy should remain FANTASY. The orgy was a sexual fantasy (i.e. everything goes); however, if you get to the point where you're compelled to start touching random people in public then that is a definite violation (which could be considered as criminal in some instances).
True, some guys (like me for instance)may catch a dude flirtin and lean over and say, "Tell me again how much you like my eyes playa..."(heh). But other people might flip.
Just remember to compartmentalize the two. There is nothing wrong with getting your flirt on just don't push it. You can do that in an orgy, not in public.

Forbidden Light said...

@Toddy: I agree 100% with you that I should compartmentalize my "orgy" mindframe from my "everyday life"...Being the big black molester isn't a good look! LOL

However, I disagree with your statement that fantasies should remain fantasies...

The beautiful turn that my life is taking involves my wildest dreams coming true...Although some fantasies should stay in my head, (I'll spare you the details) I still believe that our yearnings should be explored...

Cogent Ascending said...

OH WHAT-eva!!!!!
When I call you gross and tell you to basically sanitize your whole body after such a ridiculous and risky exposure for something as stupid as an orgasm I'm just a jerk but when Toddy says it you totally agree??
And btw your yearnings are gonna end with you contracting an incurable staph infection so resistant to antibiotics they'll have to quarantine your ass until it kills you.
Is that how you wanna die?
In a bubble??

Forbidden Light said...

@Cogent: I'd rather die in a bubble, than live in one. Life is far too precious to lose it paranoid of phantom pathogens.

Unless, I'm missing something, your wishful warnings read like an invitation to a hypochondriac's Hell: No, thank you.

As for the biological hazards: what of public gyms? Crowded, under-ventilated offices? Our immune system is always under fire, why not have a little fun?



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