My Magical Glass Closet (Part I): Accidental Exhibitionism

One of the most inconvenient things in the world:
(False) Fire Alarms.

     It was 9 p.m. when the sirens went off.  I know nothing's on fire, but I don't want to develop the bad practice of ignoring fire alarms so I grabbed your coat anways.  Shuffling out of our apartment building in our pajamas, me and my neighbors wait for the fireman's thumbs-up to return to the warmth of our homes.
     Standing there talking on my cell phone, I recieved a shocking revelation.  From the ground level, I could see perfectly into my bedroom!  I could see the painting on my wall.  My furniture and bed was clear as day.  I could see everything.  For some reason, I figured no one could see me from the top floor.

I never close my blinds!

     Staring at the comforter set on my bed, which is right next to the window; I started thinking about all of the sex I've had with the entire gated community as my audience.  All of the creative masturbatory sessions...the toys and positions.  Me and my ex-girlfriend should've recieved a standing ovation for our performances.  We did things heterosexuals should never do to each other!  And to think, we were doing this, unknowingly, in the public eye.  (I hope I didn't scare any children.)
     I shook my head at myself as I thought of my most recent sex...the sodomy...the toe sucking...The hour-long oral sessions.  My mind can only begin to think of what opinions were formed.  But, the prospect that I've aroused others in the wake of my explorations gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.
     The funniest thing about this discovery, THE FUNNIEST, is that I actually considered myself a closeted bisexual.  Anyone with 20/20 on a Wednesday night could see the long, masculine legs dangling from my mouth.  Anyone with an attention span could see my knees and face become neighbors.
     It makes me think.  Is anything really a secret?  Are we getting away with anything?  I'm beginning to think that there's always someone that sees you.  There's always someone that recognizes the truth.  Granted, I stupidly fucked and sucked in front of an open window, but aren't we all?  Are we all guilty of accidental exhibitionism?

I wanted to extend a big warm "Thank You"
to Garcon Stupid!
I couldn't find the pictures to complement my thoughts...
Thanks for have a good eye for art and beauty!


ToddyEnglish said...

LOL. I am certain a multitude of onlookers got a cheap thrill!
Oh my goodness this reminds me of the time when I had sex with my ex-boyfriend (almost two years ago) and someone called the police on us. Basically, the officer in question asked was everything okay because there were complaints about a lot of noise and yelling.
Normally, I'm not that boisterous but he just brought it out of me(he loved to talk dirty).
Oh my god that was so embarrassing!

Cogent Ascending said...

First: bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Omfg that is HI-larious.
Secondly: the only opinion anyone can form from accidentally seeing you have sex is that you abduct and molest dirty old homeless people.
That is all.


i recently said i'd wish for more interesting neighbors...won't you be MY neighbor????
but hey??!??
top floor and you can see in your bedroom???
what floor are you??
i'm not top floor and i can hardly see anything?
should i move?
would it make "things" more interesting?....

can YOU blush???
never seen a black guy blush. tells you about the company i used to keep....
there was never a damn thing to make them blush. just a big white grin as they disappeared, doing their "business", and those eyes, vanishing under those heavy lids, telling me i was going str8 to hell for this....

just think of this as your "community service", giving the chance to some poor dick to wank one off while you had the time of your life.

joey said...

I think it is safe if we all just assume we are being observed, by someone, about 97% of the time. That George Orwell was on to something...

Forbidden Light said...

@Toddy: You've told me that story before...I think I'm developing a crush on your ex-boyfriend! He sounds like he reeks of sex and stupidity...

@Cogent: I don't have to abduct the homeless, they're paid in loose change and hamburgers. LOL

@Mr. Bear: I was on the third floor, which isn't that far up I've realized.

I agree with your idea of "community service", even if the voyuer was totally grossed out, I'm sure I gave them something to think about! And the thought of having someone masturbate to the sight (or memory) of me fucking gets me VERY aroused...Thats twice in one day for you, Mr. Bear; you get a gold star!

@Master Joey: That is a safe and liberating assumption! Care to elaborate on George Orwell? I'm not too familiar with his work...


which i'll wear very proudly, though, if i may ask: do you platinum or silver? steel even?? i don't do gold. clashes with my complexion...
(how queer is that?!?)

Forbidden Light said...

@Mr. Bear: Hahahah! VERY QUEER! I'll give you a nice iron star right on the ass! Ow!

Cogent Ascending said...

I will gladly pay you tomorrow for an orgasm today.
Some famous homeless cartoon character said that.
Sans the orgasm part.


now, that's better!!
works for me.



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