Chasing the Omni-Chord

(The piece below: "Orgasm" by J. Velasco)

(Please bear with me: I am trying to make sense of some chaos floating around in my head.  I think I'm finally grasping this phantom I've been chasing after.)

     In music, there is a composing method referred to as the 'Twelve-Tone Technique'.  Using this method, the composer ensures that every key of the chromatic scale receives equal emphasis within the piece.  From what I've heard of songs using this style, it develops a sense of roaming which never lands in the chorus we have been accustomed to.  The musical piece ties together a large range of harmonies with a simple line melody.  Of course, this style isn't very popular because there are only so many ways to accomplish this.  I can imagine the Twelve-Tone Technique to be somewhat stifling, because it then turns music into a mathematical equation.  Algebra is rarely fun.

Why am I talking about this?

      For a long time, I have been searching for something I call the "Omni-chord"; a moment where every key occupies the same space simultaneously.  John Coltrane exposed me to the concept in his experimental opus "OM", which sounds like a funeral full of torturing, dissonant wailing.  He truly was searching for this Omni-chord as well.
     But the problem is: Once found, who is willing to hear it?  Ultimately, it would be the equivalent of someone sitting on a piano's keys, striking all of the keys equally at once.  It may sound more like unified field than music.  Physics is rarely fun.

Here's the sexy part...

     I've been chasing the omni-chord in hopes of recapturing a moment I have experienced.  This moment was for only a few minutes, but I was outside of time, so it felt like an eternity.  Sex, prayer, laughter, anger, torture, worship and a myriad of other conditions were taking place at the same time.  Literally, I was crying, moaning, screaming and speaking in tongues while laughing...The moment was sublime and terrible.  I felt as though I experienced the full gamut of experience in one instant.
     Sex wields a great power.  It is the only platform where all things is appropriate; The Universe is magnified and sown together by a simple act.  Or at least it feels this way.  The problem is: as sex draws everything together for me, I look for this same surreal phenomenon within music, cinema, literature, spirituality and erotica: and I can not find it.  Sometimes, it rears its head like in John Coltrane's case, but I have yet to find that moment where The Almighty Omni-chord is struck. 

I'm chasing a high from a drug that doesn't exist!

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