The Rise of the Rubenesque: Why Are Big Girls So Much Fun?

     A group of friends and I went out to one of the premiere clubs in our area.  Chilling in VIP with bottle service, it was fun dancing in my seat looking like high society.  Lounging in the upper deck of the club, everyone was getting increasingly aloof; the woman were only dancing with other women and the men stood around in their b-boy stance swirling their drinks.  Although a great scene for a hip-hop video, for me and my thirty dollar cover, it wasn't satisfactory.  I come to the club to sweat it out!
     Looking over the ledge, I saw the crowd on the dance floor below.  I decided to join the fun amongst the common folk, this VIP bracelet wasn't going to weigh me down.  Working my way through the crowd, I attempted, and failed, to dance with the women.  It felt like they were sizing me up, whether I was an athlete or someone lucrative.  One woman even approached me asking, "Aren't you a comedian? I loved you on that HBO special!"  After a few dance moves, I told her that I wasn't the performer she took me for; she lost interest immediately.  I found myself a corner and did what I do best: have fun.
     I'm no stranger to dancing by myself, I actually enjoy it.  Getting my groove on to Jay-Z's "Run This Town", I was suddenly grabbed from behind.  I looked over my shoulder to see a short but beautiful big girl pumping the shit out of me.  I can't lie, that got me excited!  We ended up dancing for three or four songs straight.  She was so much fun!  She just wanted to have fun just like me.  Whether we were rhythmically dry humping or doing some funny dance steps; we had a good time.
     After separating with her (after exchanging Facebook info, of course) I tried to give the skinny girls another chance.  Even when they would accept my invitation, they were too busy trying to be sexy to dance.  I found myself seeking out other big girls.  Everytime I found one, we got busy, we laughed, we partied until I was sweating through my blazer.  For now on, I think I will start partying exclusively with BBWs!

My question:
Why are big girls so much more fun?

     Aren't they supposed to be insecure?  Shouldn't I have to warm them up and pull them out of their shell, constantly reaffirming them every step of the way?  That was not the case that night.  On another note: I also find this to be true in the sack as well; big girls seem to be more liberated and giving.  I am really interested in finding out what's different about their psychology that works so well with me.

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