La Petite Mort: The Little Death...The Little Afterlife

     Lately, I have been noticing something a little strange.  Approximately, every two days, I'll refer to my digital porn collection and rub a few out.  I'll spare you the details of my pornographic tastes, but I'll tell you that it's a bit extreme.  Stroking it, everything is beautiful and wondrous; but after I climax I am instantly grossed out by the acts playing on my computer screen.  My interest is evident.  These are the same films I have jumped through hoops to download and categorize.  However, there is a fifteen minute period after cumming where I'm disgusted.

Is this kind of like after eating a big meal and your favorite dish becomes repugnant?

     Whatever this phenomenon is: I don't like it.  I am considering exercising some orgasm control.  I love the peculiar curves my sexuality takes; I love the way my brain operates when it's charged.  I fear that I might exhaust that facet of my identity.  Everything I've been reading in my Tantra books supports my fear.  According to several texts, I'm wasting my seed and leaking unrecoverable vitality.
(Check out the Tantric classic, "Secret of the Golden Flower" translated by Thomas Cleary.)

     I look forward to exercising more ejaculate restraint.  I do plan on having sex still, a lot of it; but I'll try to walk away satisfied without spilling anything.  This could prove to be interesting.  Watching porn without cumming into a towel.  Fucking with breaks in between.  Walking around with this primed sexually charge.  I'm excited to see how far I can go.

This will result in a rash of crazy articles: you've been warned.

(Note: The photos are from my new artist-crush Erwin Olaf. He and his work is so dreamy!)


Wonder Man said...

I like this's making me think more about this

Forbidden Light said...

Its kind of commonplace for men to lose their drive after climaxing. But lately I've been feeling a more drastic change. For a broadening moment, my fantasies become rubbish...that's scary!

Garçon Stupide said...

Very, very interesting... But isn't this just anti-climax - literally? Surely after the intense euphoria of orgasm, the only way is down?

"I'm wasting my seed and leaking unrecoverable vitality..."

I appreciate the theory, but personally, I don't buy it. I'm not wasting anything: my body works for me, not the other way around... ;)

Forbidden Light said...

"The only way is down"

That makes so much sense, Garcon! I hate the feeling of coming down, off of anything. I would like to maintain a dirty, freaky plateau!

Since I've stopped ejaculating, I've noticed a difference. Unfortunately, I'm becoming a perv! LOL


"a dirty, freaky plateau"?
drugs can give you a sense of that, for as long as you take them, butit wouldn't be healthy nor practical. it is in our nature to feel those cravings & seek the means to satisfy them; so, the coming down is natural, as we need to fulfill other cravings, and go to work eventually...
"a dirty, freaky plateau"...
if i only skip one day j/o, that's MY freaky plateau, in a constant crazed state. i'll take the downtime anytime!!!
i'm a perv enough as it is!!!



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