Hang-Up #1: Humiliation

     As much as I hate them; everyone has hang-ups, myself included. Some things will forever lie beyond the scope of my freak. There are certain acts that I could never allow in my bedroom. Beyond the normal stuff that nearly everyone finds repulsive (i.e. bestiality, pedophilia, scat, ect.), I have a handful of hang-ups that will wilt my summer sausage into a Vienna link. Number one on that list is: humiliation play. A lot of people love to be put down, but that is where I draw the line. I cannot be the source or the recipient of humiliation.
     It isn’t the act itself that’s humiliating but the spirit behind it. For example, I wouldn’t mind wearing a pair of little pink panties; alternatively, I would hate it if my partner started blurting, “You like that, pussy-ass faggot? Take that, bitch! Give me those fucking panties!” Whatever sexy, delicate feelings I may have had are instantly dissolved into a note of inferiority.
     This hang up with humiliation is the sole reason why I’ve never gotten in the BDSM community. It seems that submission and degradation goes hand and hand. Don’t get me wrong, I find great arousal at the thought of being bound at the mercy of a master; pain and pleasure makes a powerful combo. But, I would hate to trust someone enough to bind me only to have him/her slap me, spit on me and make me feel substandard. Every aspect of BDSM could be just as stimulating, if not more so, if the humiliation was replaced with praise. Ranking high on my list of fantasies are scenes that combine torture with worship.
     A major turn-on for me is the sanctity of sex; I believe that we are all Temples of God and reverence is in order. Whether the stimulus is pleasure, pain or denial, for me to enjoy it, it has to be administered in the context of value. Humiliation play is in direct opposition to my core beliefs. Some people may like to be called sluts, bitches and fags; but if you must refer to me, call me something in a respectful light. Some prefer to be embarrassed, belittled and scolded, but I cannot accept anything less than being exalted.


ToddyEnglish said...

I have a military fetish. My fantasy is to have some really hot soldier dominate me. I don't want to be physically hurt or anything just dominated...Sometimes, it turns me on at the idea of him calling me a "bitch." But I don't want him to straight out call me a "Bitch" but make it sound sexy or something...
Uhm, let me quit...haha.


i'm so with you on that one. i've done s&m, being a sub, but a fair description would be a pushy bottom.
i challenged the top into pushing my limits. some tops (most) don't like that, as i'm not subservient enough. i see myself as equal, but willing to relinquish [some] control to my partner, within the confines of my limits. so, calling me names, slapping my face & such is not a turn-on, but a guaranteed kick out the door... to have a guy stimulate your body & mind so much to make you swoon is priceless. to have someone mess up your mind about your self-image is just plain sick, as far as i'm concerned. not my cup of tea.

Forbidden Light said...

@Mr. Bear: You sound like a handful! LOL


a handful for some, just fine for others. just waiting to be the perfect one for the right one. most likely a versatile, with dominant tendancies. someone who doesn't take it all too seriously.
is there hope?!?



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