A Look at True "Omnisexuality"

     I've seen the term 'omnisexuality' thrown around here and there; describing the preferences for men, women, the trangendered, the intersexed and (dare I say) animals.  I have a different idea of what this means and it isn't as controversial as it seems.  It is important to know that this is coming from someone who does not identify himself as an omnisexual.  This is the account of someone who hasn't actually experienced the following phenomena.
     There is a particular movie scene that comes to mind when I think of omnisexuals.  In 2004's film, "Kinsey", there is a chilling scene where a pansexual discusses his sexual affairs with men, women, children and animals.  The characters sat in disgust as he spouted off data about his encounters.  The way he cataloged his sexual history in grave detail told the truth about his sexuality; he was simply aroused by the dark and deviant aspect of sexuality.  In my opinion, he was like someone who travels just for the sake of frequent flyer miles.  How many people do we know that have daring sex just for the sake of saying that they did it? 
     I was recently in the company of someone who shed light in the direction of true omnisexuality.  This woman was sexually charged by the moon; to the point where the quarter moon, the full moon and even the constellations gave her a different impulses.  She talked about making love against Redwood trees and feeling the soft, jagged bark against her naked backside.  She even mentioned how she likes the way her cat looks at her while she masturbates.  (I, for one, thinks its creepy the way my cat always comes out when I'm jerking off; but to each his own.)
     She can not have it any other way, she couldn't fathom having sex in a motel room.  She needs nature, stars and humanity as a participating audience for her to climax completely.  Like all of the weird fetishes we've read about, she walks past certain trees and gets horny thinking about the possible positions she could perform on its branches.  Watching snakes slither gets her juices running southbound.

(It's possible that this is the only brand of omnisexuality I'm comfortable with; even I have my limits!)


ToddyEnglish said...

I remember that scene in Kinsey (one of my favorite films). It was jarring. It made me ask the question (going slightly off topic)...Being that there are predatory animals can there be predatory human beings?
I'm going to say yes. However, unlike animals such as antelope, deer, and etc we don't have to flee. We do have the law...
Back on topic...
I've NEVER understood dendrophilia (sex with trees). That's all I have to say about that.
Don't even get me started on my cat and porn. Whenever I watch porn I have to put him out of the room. He'll stare at me, as if in judgement, while I'm watching.

Wonder Man said...

I do too, Toddy

Forbidden Light said...


Garçon Stupide said...

Cats are horrible creatures, of course they're going to make you feel bad.

Dogs, on the other hand, pay no heed at all to such shenanigans.

(Off topic, but I didn't start it!)

Garçon Stupide said...

Oh and fantastic, thought-provoking blog. I've got a lot of catching up to do!

Forbidden Light said...

Thank you, Mr. Stupide! (LOL) I look forward to your insightful comments.



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