Intelsexualism: Erotic Examination

     No one has ever paid this much attention.  We talked about my sign, my signature and the "money line" in my palms.  We traded kisses in between statements about my desires, my plans and stress.  No one has ever cared to inspect the makings of my being.  Carefully uncovering every hidden talents and praising each one, my personality was expounded upon.  Unraveling my fears down to their sensitive roots. 

I admit, I want to be acknowledged...
I desperately want my value to be confirmed and redeemed... 
I long to be appraised in detail and fall in love with my sum total...

     The magnetism between our lips were constantly intercepted by compliments and questions.  Our loving gazes were constantly broken by book suggestions and passages read.  No one has ever looked this deeply into me...and liked what was found.  What I thought were demons actually turned out to be "wild oats".  My shortcomings were flipped into cute nuances. 
     It was a very intimate exchange of philosophies and paradigms.  I've never been so stimulated intellectually, spiritually and sexually simultaneously.  Analysis has never felt so good.  I never want it to stop.  Keep reading.  Keep reading to me.  Keep reading into me. 

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