Dolce & Gabana Ads: The Best Source of CFNM

Clothed females amongst nude male(s) in a subserviant scenario where power and authority is displayed.

     I have always fantasied about being naked in a room full of women.  Objectified.  Submissive.  I imagine other men and I, serving beverages and hors d'oeuvres to fully clothed women as they have normal conversations; as if nothing special is happening.  I don't know why, but that is my shit!  I'm sure its the power switch and the titillation of something sexual occurring.  But, it's also the opportunity to be amongst goddess (or gods) completely humble and available.

 Imagine me pouring Jasmine tea in the nude, wearing only a collar and an erection...

     Whomever is in charge of Dolce & Gabana's marketing also sees the appeal in CFNM (and also clothed males and a single nude man).  The stark contrast between professional, outfitted men and women alongside golden nude flesh is a sight to see.  I always find myself staring at these ads in "Details" or "GQ"; wondering why they never make porn like this.  It is a powerful premise: the wealthy having a pet god(dess) at their disposal.
     After a little research, I have found a place in New York that has parties where nude men serve fully clothed women.  The potential is limitless.  I think I'll have fun being a part of that scene.  Alternatively, I would also have fun being dressed in my finest while being waited on, hand and foot, by naked servants. 

Indeed, a good, sexy time had by all...

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