Attention Gluttons: Are They Really Bisexual?

     You know them.  It's the cocky, sexy asshole with charm.  It's the beautiful bitch who's spread perfectly thin.  I call them attention gluttons; the entire world loves them and they have no problem reaping every last reward.  The center of the party.  The center of everyone affection.  Why settle for the highest bid when you're holding on to everyone's collateral?
     No surprise to anyone, the attention gluttons are privy to experiencing pleasure from both sexes.  Each gender offers a different gift.  Each touch unlocks a different treasure.  Why choose either, if you can have your cake and eat it too?  He's so depraved, he will worship you from head to toe: daily.  She's so in synch, she can intuitively give your body what it needs: perfectly.  Standing between different people, unique luxuries become necessities.  Can you blame the idol for its position on the altar?
     I recently had a conversation with a gay man, where we discussed the technicality of a certain man's sexuality.  He gave me the juicy details of a summer fling where an attention glutton gave him the opportunity to take care of his cock daily.  This beautiful, intelligent man was physically perfect, his phallus leaped long from his loins; so my friend definitely felt blessed to have access to his fly.  Needless to say, he lived in his lap for 90 days.  According to my friend, he was as straight as an arrow: he had a wife, kids, the whole nine.  Performing only in the shadows, this gorgeous gentleman was only interested in non-reciprocal head.  My friend walked away with only one regret...that the fling didn't bleed into autumn.

He must be bisexual to some degree, right? 

     In my opinion: he's not necessarily bisexual.  Devotion is genderless.  The glutton's arousal isn't based on the administrator, his penis or her breasts.  Could you consider warm kisses masculine?  Could you consider the wet heat inside of a lover's mouth feminine?  Not necessarily.  When he watches him deep-throat, is he turned on by the bearded face lovingly gazing back at him? Or is he aroused by the fact that it's his cock between his hungry lips?  When she witnesses her pretty pink tongue flick her clitoris, is she turned on by the feminine voice breathing onto her stomach?  Or is she stimulated by the idea of her colleague submitting before her?  The answers to those questions make a world of difference. 
Indesciminate pleasure-seeking can be consider more masturbation than anything...


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