What's So Special About 30?

(The above photo is "Body Voice" by Erwin Olaf)

     I am currently caught in a paradoxical phase in my life. While racing to fulfill my fantasies, I restrict myself to become more responsible and stable. I can’t wear certain clothes ever again, but I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been. I want to splurge and travel and experience the finer things in life, but I want to fiscally prepare for a family. I am so tired of life, however, I am on the cusp of living.

What’s so special about turning thirty?

     I guess, 30 is the median of life expectancy. Plus, 30 marks the end of wild, idealistic behavior. Do I kill myself now or look forward to life with a wife and kids? Should I bury my dreams of being a best-selling author and rockstar? Or do I postpone them until I sixty? Will I still crave pussy, cock and rock n’ roll once I’m elderly? Probably not. But, on the other hand, 2025’s pharmaceuticals should do wonders! I'm sure, there will be a miracle drug that keeps my dick hard and my mind sharp.
     Writing this blog, I decided to ride this dream until the wheels fall off. I don’t care if I’m thirty, I’m gonna keep wearing my spike collars and small t-shirts, maybe even get some piercings. To think of it, there’s tons of old guys at the Folsom Street Fair…that I don’t want to look like. No one wants to be that old man in the ass-less chaps! There has to be a happy, radical medium. There has to be a way to stay edgy while keeping my saggy cakes to myself.
     Okay, here’s my plan. I’ll cruise along this tangent and, along the way, impregnate beautiful women on accident. I’ll be amazingly wayward and satisfactorily stable, letting God sort out the rest. I’ll live recklessly enough to die early, but disciplined enough to leave a genius body of work behind. And when my loved ones go through my possessions after I’ve passed on, hopefully they’d discover a kick-ass porn collection.

I look forward to living a Wikipedia-worthy life!



this reflection makes me smile kindly upon you. oh, to be 30 again!!! 30 is not the end of your wild life, trust me!!! i should know.
i thought since childhood i'd be dead by 40... i'm now nearing 50. i've since not become a prude, but a tad more conservative. i've removed most of the piercings, kept the tatts (obviously), cleaned up my wardrobe to favor longer sleeves, longer shorts, covering myself a bit more, as oppose to my youth where i probably exposed myself way too much...
i will not turn into one of those throlls like those you refered to,
as i know my place in this world.
i feel no shame in getting older,
as i find it calmer, a relief from the hectic life i've had. it doesn't mean simpler, just calmer. things seem more evident, manageable, not the end of the world as it used to. is that wisdom? you tell me.
i daresay you'll enjoy your 30s for all the new experiences they will bring to you and you should enjoy them all. it's good though that you question yourself now, but wait 'till you turn 40!!! then that'll be real questionning, i tell 'ya!!

Forbidden Light said...

That's so glad to hear! Thank you for the reassurance that life isn't over after 30. LOL

I'm starting to looking forward to a more stable and adventerous life!

Garçon Stupide said...

I just turned 30. All I'll say is I'm glad I'm not 18, and I'm a bit envious of 25-year-olds.

And I'm going to be 29 for as long as I can get away with it.



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