Beautiful (Dis)assembly: The Work of Richard Taddei

"While I regard distortion necessary as a path to a different beauty and truth, I am also enamored of the sensuous volumes of the nude figure. They may be truncated or fragmented or metamorphosed, puzzle-like into the geometry of armor or architecture, but they always express the grandeur of the pose." - Richard Taddei

     I identify a great deal with his surreal style.  It brings to mind the suffering/indulgence of being fragmented, diffused and divided.  It reminds me of times my body and spirit was left rearranged by a lover's hand.  I constantly feel scattered and searching, like vapors in the wind.  Each day, I amalgamate with the outside world; returning to bed a different incarnation than which I've awakened.  His art confirms that this is indeed a beautiful thing.
Enjoy the rest of Richard Taddei's work:

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