Conversation w/ Sasha Marini (Part II)

"Denim" by Albert Rugolotto
Sasha Marini: Have a look at these pictures; my purpose is very clear. (Above)
Forbidden Light: These pictures are poking at the pervert in me! Looks like two shots of the same stroke!
S.M.: Exactly, they were...
F.L.: You were air fucking?
S.M.: I was with my mind.  It's not about who you are fucking, it's important that you are fucking in your mind first of all and then your body will follow your feelings...

Sasha Marini: What do you think of this photo? (Above)
Forbidden Light: I love how dirty and industrial the set is...The female model seems a little contrived.
S.M.: As with all female models.  There are more pictures where I am alone:
F.L.: I was having a conversation with Gonzalo Benard and we were talking about how men are automatically categorized as "homoerotic" just because they are the center of attention.  Thus, some shoots have token women to establish their commercial market.
S.M.: Exactly! Nothing to add, just true.
F.L.: I will admit, I'm envious that you're touching her backside. Do you happen to be gay? LOL
S.M.: No, never happened.  I have an open mind but I've never slept with a man.
F.l.: you're like, hetero-flexible?  It's good practice to 'never say never'...
S.M.: You got the point, let's see what is going to happen.  I'm not afraid; not shy.
F.L.:  (Conjuring very dirty thoughts of a having role in Decadence II)

Forbidden Light: Have you ever thought of doing self portraits?
Sasha Marini: No. I have no self estimate?
F.L.: Estimate?
S.M.: I'm not objective; I don't see myself as you can see me.
F.L.: What do you see?
S.M.: A cheap man.  Unloved.  Not appreciated.  Not understood.  Ok, stop talking about me.
F.L.: I feel like that very often.
S.M.: So many people don't believe in my skills, nobody. Because I am different: I don't have usual models features and my attitude is unusual.
F.L.:  Amazing.

     The remainder of our conversation became larger than words, too big to fit into the format of an interview. We both feel plagued by this 'openness'.  Being so open, that emptiness becomes a natural side effect.  So open, that honesty becomes involuntary, as does the expenses that comes with such truth.
     Accompanying this open nature is the pervasive feelings of abandonment.  To be so available, only to go unacknowledged.  To welcome the entire world, for no one to show up.  To tell the stories of so many people, silence becomes the only translation.  I love him for putting a face on a feeling I know all too well.
     The next time you see Sasha in the magazines or posted on your favorite blog; look him in the eyes.  Give him enough attention to hear what he is trying to say.  The fashion, the fetish, the physique is merely a shell; a masculine yet soft spirit dwells slightly beneath the surface.  Look into his eyes and you may catch a reflection of yourself.  I sure did.
"Beauty" by Alberto Rugolotto

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ISLAND said...

Thank You for this... WE were drawn here after your posted comment on ISLAND. This interview was conversational and WE loved it! WE love this Model Sasha Marini and called him The Great Prince. This man has so much character, personality and artistry that it's mind-boggling... WE appreciate him and this spread :)



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