Folsom Street Fair 2010

Perverts became pedestrian
Kink was commonplace
God favors the freaks

     I always wanted to attend.  Even as a little boy in Detroit, I always wanted to go to the Folsom Street Fair.  I always loved the sight of absurd abominations spilling out into the street...Items typically reserved for dark alleys slip into a bright, Sunday morning.  I am drawn to events that cause a lapse in decency, for life have always proved to be a lapse in freedom.
     Walking around in my underwear felt very natural.  Wearing furry underwear, me and friends danced in the streets...Ran our fingers across perfect strangers.  Reverting to being clothed felt impossible.  Rediscovering Eden, how could I fall from grace a second time?  There was no knowledge of good and evil.  There was no shame in our nakedness.  How could I return to corporate fig leaves?

     I always wanted to walk around town wearing something absurd and do "regular" stuff.  Go to the ATM.  Eat at a pizzeria.  Wait for a bus.  These photos are the just the beginning.  With our freaks left out to dangle, my beloved Forbidden Moon and I will continue to troll around the Bay Area while capturing the juxtaposition.



falling from grace???
or finding nirvana??????????

Anonymous said...

Luv the hole in the Man Panties,specially on the street. I have to do that sometime ,forcibly.....WILD ?



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