"Shared Alike" by Andrew Archer

If you could spare a little patience
Conjure some inner peace
You'll see. I'm going some where with this...

You won't regret falling limp
Opening wide, at this moment, is the best thing you could do
Just trust that I'm on to something

For once,
Grant my words passage through your ears to your mind
Unobstructed by chatter and input
Don't make sense or make comfortable
Just make yourself available

You won't regret going dumb
Silence, at this moment, will pave the road to enlightenment
Just trust that there's something you need to hear

For once, let your body feel without numbing the sensations
...with assumptions...
...with past experiences...
...with labels...

Just trust that these fingers and palms are brand new
This tongue speaks a language beyond your comprehension
Trust that your soul understands and is pleased with what it hears
You'll see, I'm going somewhere with this...

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