A P(art) 1

...I was warned...
Staring so deep into the canvas
...its a matter of time...
Until you fall into the art and become a part of it.

     I get so weird when a camera is pointed in my direction.  I hate posing.  I hate praying that I've found a decent angle.  I hate the consoling chime of the photographer, "What do you mean? You look cute!"  I'm just not photogenic, whatever that means.
     Dating my Forbidden Moon, she's been snapping random pictures at every given moment.  Pictures of us at dinner.  Pictures of us getting drinks.  She is truly a sadist!  She even threatens, "I'm going to tie you up and just take pictures of you and tell you how pretty you are!"  I shudder at the thought, even as I type this post.
     One day, while playing with ropes and prickly things; she whipped out her digital camera and started to shoot.  In a submissive mind frame, I was more cooperative...more relaxed as she documented my bondage.  I did whatever she asked.  I pointed my ass upward.  I looked into the camera.  My Syr was the director, I was not going to disappoint her.
     After our session, I was stunned to find how beautiful the shots were.  I seen myself in a whole, new angle...and I was pleased....

Here are a couple of the images taken that night.
You'd have to join Fetlife to see the rest...

"Bound by Boisterous" by Mim Arts

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"I seen myself in a whole, new angle..."



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