Conversations w/ Sasha Marini (Part I)

Forbidden Light: Oh my..... You had a fever...
Sasha Marini: What do you mean?
F.L: You look as though you were unfurling...pre-orgasmic...clinching.
S.M: You will see in the finale.
F.L: I can't wait to see it.  I've always wondered this, do you have any experience with BDSM or are you playing a role?
S.M: It was a role, but, keep in your mind this is a behind-the-scenes video. Everything is real.
F.L: Well, it's very, very sexy; you seem entranced.
S.M: I can't tell you if I'm sexy on that video; I was working on my purpose.
F.L: I cant believe you're unsure about whether you're sexy; you're giving off a lot of heat.
S.M: I don't think to be sexy or I don't try to look sexy. I'm just me as I am in real life.  That's all.
F.L: So this isn't a role, after all.

F.L: This is one of my favorite images of you. (Posted above) Where were you here?
S.M: I love that picture, this image is so full of meanings. I was in Paris, shooting in Alberto Rugolotto's studio.
F.L: You exude Christ to me, very sacrificial...selfless...exhausted.
S.M: I'm so tired man, not only my body, but something in my deep.
F.L: In your "deep", I love that!
S.M: My life wasn't so easy and even my career is very difficult, maybe that's why I'm like that.
F.L: You really are real; you aren't playing a role at all, this is how you feel.
S.M: I just wanna follow my mood and feelings that's all.  I don't know, man, how it will be and where I'm going.
F.L:  Well, where ever you're going...its beautiful


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@TGK- Me too! Its so interesting to hear what they were thinking when they came up with it...



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